Definition of unkillable in English:



  • Not able to be killed.

    • ‘The culture is still alive and well, and unkillable.’
    • ‘I have just killed a supposedly unkillable mechanical touch keyboard.’
    • ‘I am the most powerful of the Vampire race and have become immune to all weaknesses, making me unkillable and everlasting.’
    • ‘I return to my first point - the only thing an aspiring novelist needs to write a novel is the adamant and unkillable desire to write a novel.’
    • ‘It's practically unkillable, so she'll never be able to pretend it died.’
    • ‘But then, demons were supernatural beings, and therefore were unkillable.’
    • ‘He plays an apparently unkillable hit man who's been marked by the mob.’
    • ‘She should have been has-beened ages ago, what with the forgettable flopped movies and all, but she's like some kind of freaky zombie Rasputin, unkillable.’
    • ‘Once the unkillable zombies have their emaciated forms shot to ribbons, only to pop up seconds later, as good as new, you know there's only one place to go and that's out.’
    • ‘These short-lived and second-class frenzies are as nothing compared to the long-lived, indeed, unkillable fantasy that each and every person born can rise to prominence and wealth in showbusiness.’
    • ‘He was even more unkillable than the magnet soldiers, and could literally walk through walls, and bullets would simply go right through him.’
    • ‘But boomer lingo lingers on, unkillable, seeping out in the dialogue of Disney channel shows in 2005.’
    • ‘They were giant sized and hard shelled and unkillable.’
    • ‘She was a dark, unkillable shadow that, despite the noblest efforts, only grew stronger and more immense as the body moved closer to the light.’
    • ‘She's practically unkillable, and will take on just about anyone with either her knife or pistol.’
    • ‘Of course that might make him some sort of unkillable demon, but I guess there's only one way to find out.’
    • ‘The story of the shooting of 50 Cent spread throughout hip-hop and made him seem mythical, unkillable.’
    • ‘Let's see how they fare against a general who practically is unkillable.’
    • ‘The huge man, a demon really, was unstoppable, stronger than his blue-clad opponent and seemingly unkillable.’
    • ‘The film featuring these two apparently unkillable ghosts started out as America's No. 1 box office hit, outgrossing every other movie during its first week of national release.’