Definition of universally in English:



  • By everyone; in every case.

    ‘progress is not always universally welcomed’
    • ‘Odd how she was embraced as a feminist writer when the women in her books are universally awful to each other.’
    • ‘This does not seem, universally, to have translated into a genuine interest in the ingredients of the food.’
    • ‘Tobacco consumption is now universally more common among the lower socioeconomic groups.’
    • ‘The food in hotels is universally adequate, often good and frequently exceptional.’
    • ‘Not true of the Saint-Saens Organ Symphony, where the playing was universally excellent.’
    • ‘Before the disaster it was universally accepted the safest way to escape from a fire was via the stairs.’
    • ‘But it is unlikely to receive a universally warm welcome from the business community.’
    • ‘So universally accepted were these notions that they became suffocating.’
    • ‘Immediately the singing stopped, the crowd universally clapped and that was the end of it.’
    • ‘I insist that capitalism doesn't work without universally accessible property rights.’
    • ‘It will heavily exploit the fact that UK design is universally recognised as the strongest in the world.’
    • ‘It's universally accepted that all it takes sometimes to end an argument is an apology.’
    • ‘But not only was this not universally accepted but what it meant was not agreed upon.’
    • ‘She was universally liked and to top it all she was a joy to teach.’
    • ‘But in Scotland the relief was not universally welcomed in the farming community.’
    • ‘In fact he's created one of the most universally praised buildings in the UK.’
    • ‘It is not for other people to sit in judgement, especially when using values which are not universally shared.’
    • ‘So why then, if he is doing all of this, is he criticised almost universally for being a stick-in-the-mud?’
    • ‘This has been universally accepted as the fairest method since it evens out the luck factor.’
    • ‘Average rents were universally out of the reach of welfare recipients and their families.’
    invariably, always, without exception, in all instances, in all cases, in every case, in every instance
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