Definition of universalization in English:


(British universalisation)


  • See universalize

    • ‘The ideological characteristic of the model is manifested in various ways, mainly through the use of the three devices: normalization, universalization, and the language of power and authority.’
    • ‘He does that through the employment of various ideological devices, mainly through normalization, universalization and twisted conceptualizations.’
    • ‘Looked at from the standpoint of oppressed identities, the Marxist insistence upon the universality of the working class appeared, in the firmament of the 1960s, as no more than the false universalization of one particular interest.’
    • ‘If it were not for universalization of letterforms through type, we wouldn't have the sort of conversations like this that the Internet, and bitmap, digital type, makes possible.’
    • ‘In that interventionary spirit, then, I would like to offer some cautionary remarks regarding these critics' hasty and problematic celebration and universalization of disjuncture, postnationalism, and hybridity.’