Definition of universal donor in English:

universal donor


  • A person of blood group O, who can in theory donate blood to recipients of any ABO blood group.

    • ‘Meanwhile, he said it was ‘a fairly widely used practice to use O negative in an emergency without cross-matching, because O negative is a universal donor.’’
    • ‘Anyone with O-type blood is called a universal donor because their blood lacks the A or B proteins so that O-type blood can be given to a person with A, B or AB type blood.’
    • ‘Since O has no antigens, it is considered to be the universal donor.’
    • ‘As blood group O negative we are, apparently, much in demand as universal donors, and the blood service is more than welcome to as much of the stuff as they can safely pump out of us.’
    • ‘It's O negative blood that makes a universal donor.’
    • ‘‘It takes too much time to type them, so we just go with universal donor,’ Porter says.’
    • ‘According to him, my blood type, type O blood, is said to be a universal donor.’
    • ‘Group O individuals are universal donors, they can give blood to anyone.’
    • ‘They are specifically requesting Type O since it is the universal donor.’
    • ‘As group O cells do not react with anti-A or anti-B antibodies, people of group O became known as universal donors.’
    • ‘Related clinical research under way in China also uses adult stem cells, but they come directly from the patient, and no universal donor is used as in the Hopkins study.’
    • ‘People with ‘O’ type blood are universal donors.’
    • ‘She said the Irish Blood Transfusion Service was currently short on O Negative blood and because these are the universal donors, it was important to ‘up’ the stocks.’