Definition of unitize in English:


(British unitise)


[with object]
  • 1Form into a unit; unite into a whole.

    ‘I offered the book in the hope that it might unitize perspective on this most exciting and disturbing movement of our times’
    • ‘And, say industry executives, as buyers clamor for more ‘car-like’ trucks and SUVs, the pressure is increasing to transfer more light-duty trucks to unitized structures, as well.’
    • ‘We live in a world of platforms built from a unibody or unitized architecture.’
    • ‘Second, the statements in the stories about these speeches were unitized into themes or utterances that address a coherent idea.’
    • ‘For these vehicles, Marando says the trend is toward body-integrated-frame construction, where frame elements are integrated into a unitized body structure.’
    • ‘As for the front-wheel-drive compact trucks, both Volkswagen and Chrysler at one time fielded light pickups of that particular drive-line configuration, based on their unitized small-car platforms.’
    • ‘Specialty absorptives are unitized, multilayered dressings that consist of highly absorptive layers of fibers, such as absorbent cellulose, cotton, or rayon.’
    • ‘Following this members continue with the plan which offers more flexibility and choice and because all foods are unitised you can eat what you like and still lose weight.’
    • ‘The price for such a product is competitive with a standard unitized curtainwall.’
    • ‘The reduced missing-letter effect observed in Experiments 2 and 3 might derive from the disruption of unitized visual word shape and from increased processing time, consistent with the unitization view.’
    • ‘Since the facade panels are unitized, the detailing between adjacent panels had to be such that the large out-of-plane deflections could be accommodated without compromising the weather seal.’
    • ‘He sites the Audi A8 as an example and refers to the Jaguar XJ as a kind of breakthrough, in that it is a sheet based unitized body so there is no frame.’
    • ‘To prepare for assessments of accuracy, children's statements about the story were unitized.’
    • ‘Familiarity with a unit at the word level facilitates its processing by permitting access to its whole-word, unitized representation before the analysis of its constituent letters has been completed.’
    • ‘The Rendezvous is built on a unitized body with on-demand all-wheel-drive system.’
    • ‘The front-wheel-drive Amanti has a unitized body.’
    • ‘Measuring 7.9 mm wide, 9 mm high, and 24 mm long, the X-Valve features a so-called unitized design that incorporates all functional features in a molded PBT body.’
    • ‘It seems that the urban masterplan as a finite figure is less important to you than the social vision of land and space as unitized and equal - one acre per family.’
    • ‘The XC is built on a unitized body, and it's available as an all-wheel-drive model (a front-wheel-drive model is only offered in the United States and Europe).’
    • ‘In English, if we wish to refer to a bounded instance of a substance, it is necessary for the mass to be unitized (a grain of sand, a piece of furniture) or quantized (a handful of sand, a litre of water).’
    • ‘Once unitized, the noun can take a range of quantifying expressions, including numerals.’
    1. 1.1usually as adjective unitized Package (cargo) into unit loads.
      ‘a unitized load’
      • ‘In the 1960s it began using unitised loads based on steel pallets capable of carrying up to fifteen tons.’
      • ‘The distribution of the weight did not render the unitised press unsafe for normal container transit.’
      • ‘Prior to the opening of the new terminal, there were only three other ports in Ireland with short sea unitised capability.’
      • ‘Cases are unitized to nine stack bundles and stacked two high, ready for delivery from the cooler's 10 load-out doors.’
      • ‘This is a significant challenge in view of the need for additional capacity at our ports over the coming years, particularly for unitised trade.’
      • ‘According to Maxwell, the current trend in warehouse automation in the dairy industry is palletized and unitized storage and loading.’
      • ‘The warehouse must stock the products that will later be shipped, pick the products that have been ordered and package or unitize those products for shipment.’
    2. 1.2 Convert (an investment trust) into a unit trust.
      ‘the premiums paid on a unitized policy buy units in the fund’
      • ‘The traditional option for pension fund investment was the Life company unitised investment.’
      • ‘It is very transparent as it is a unitised fund and price movements can be monitored daily by checking with Ulster Bank or weekly by checking the national newspapers.’
      • ‘Life assurers did us no favours by introducing with-profit, unitised with-profit and low-cost endowments.’
      • ‘Irish investors with unitised with-profits policies are increasingly dissatisfied with the apparent removal of growth.’
      • ‘It is not unitised and therefore investors own the underlying securities directly.’