Definition of unit train in English:

unit train


North American
  • A train transporting a single commodity.

    • ‘The co-op built a $6 million agro-industrial complex that includes a 100-car rail-spur and a 600,000-bushel elevator to load unit trains.’
    • ‘In that era, lines were abandoned as the railroad offered discounts for 26-and 52-car unit trains, putting older elevators that couldn't handle those volumes out of business.’
    • ‘Most of them are unit trains of grain hoppers or container trains.’
    • ‘Sheridan based helper sets push loaded coal and unit trains, and even some freight trains, over the hills of the Big Horn Subdivision in both directions from Dutch.’
    • ‘To this date (despite large blocks of grain cars switched out elsewhere) this is the only unit train any one would be able to see North of Blackfoot, which 25 miles south of Idaho Falls.’
    • ‘A stop at the Consumers Energy J. H. Campbell Generating Facility showed us where all those unit trains of CSCX hoppers are headed.’
    • ‘The co-op loads 35-to - 40 unit trains annually, and trucks several million more bushels each year to area grain processors, including soybeans sent to AGP and corn shipped through Midwest's feed-manufacturing operations.’
    • ‘They were at a disadvantage handling unit trains or through trains.’
    • ‘During the next 12 hours, the $5 million facility at Eastern Farmers Cooperative in Jasper, MN, would load a 110-car unit train with corn headed for a western or southern export terminal.’
    • ‘Upon arrival at Logan, shifter H8 15 with AC44s Nos.308-156 returned to Rum Creek to finish loading 35 more empties needed to make the unit train.’
    • ‘Price data were obtained from various issues of Oklahoma Market Report, and transportation costs were obtained from a central Oklahoma elevator using unit trains to ship to Gulf ports.’
    • ‘The unit train is destined for Portage Limestone in Kent, Ohio.’
    • ‘The plant, fitted with Waconia equipment, is built for unit trains and takes advantage of bulk prices.’
    • ‘Because of the new mines in some places, we also have unit trains hauled by conventional locomotive.’