Definition of uninvited in English:



  • 1(of a person) arriving somewhere or acting without having been asked.

    ‘their privacy was disrupted by a series of uninvited guests’
    • ‘My gaze flickered to the familiar figure that had entered my den, though uninvited.’
    • ‘Among them, though uninvited, comes his old guide and mentor, the sage Apollonius, who pierces Lamia's disguise and calls her by her name.’
    • ‘Once they were seated, Mirian wasn't at all sure how to explain her unexpected and uninvited presence.’
    • ‘There were a few uninvited guests, such as a couple from Iceland who had just arrived in South Africa and were staying at the hotel and who wandered in and just stayed.’
    • ‘And of course there must be guests - even uninvited guests.’
    • ‘We had a High Court whose judges, wholly uninvited, were remodelling our uniquely successful federal Constitution.’
    • ‘An unexpected and uninvited guest arrives at her door bringing with him dark secrets from the past.’
    • ‘Frequently, when a stranger comes uninvited into a facility, he is questioned with some suspicion.’
    • ‘I'm starting to see the whole experience as a bizarre holiday, behaving like an uninvited guest who dresses up and prances around the football pitch every evening.’
    • ‘I had wanted to show him how my people cared even for an uninvited guest.’
    • ‘He stepped inside uninvited and crossed his arms, obviously waiting for her.’
    • ‘The only course open to us is to organise orientation courses vigorously, so that people can guard themselves against this uninvited guest.’
    • ‘The bill calls for a total ban on the cold calling for any work to do with property repairs and maintenance including uninvited double glazing salespeople.’
    • ‘I cannot believe you would come here uninvited and act like this around the baby!’
    • ‘This year though, he shows up uninvited and unannounced.’
    • ‘The arrival of an uninvited guest changes the course of the evening with hilarious results!’
    • ‘His quarry became suspicious when he turned up uninvited at various locations, including an airport and her brother's grave.’
    • ‘It was the first time he had invaded my inner-sanctum uninvited, and I was somewhat graced by his presence.’
    • ‘Living in a natural side-by-side situation offers the desired constructive co-existence which is diminishing with every new arrival of uninvited guests.’
    • ‘For a moment, every sound was muted by the pressure of the water, of bubbles kicked up by her uninvited presence.’
    unasked, unbidden, unwelcome, unwanted, unexpected
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    1. 1.1 (of a thought or act) involuntary or unwarranted.
      ‘strange uninvited thoughts crossed her mind’
      • ‘When those dark and provocative thoughts enter your mind uninvited, don't concentrate and obsess over them.’
      • ‘It acts as a sort of safeguard against ogling and uninvited attention.’
      • ‘The Prophet is not warning us about a thought that invades one's mind uninvited.’
      • ‘Jesse pulled up from the fountain, her profile suggesting she didn't appreciate the uninvited attention.’
      • ‘The thoughts spinning through his head, uninvited, scared him.’
      • ‘The problem arises, when there is interference of family members and uninvited opinion as to how one should live or react in situations.’
      unsolicited, unrequested, unwanted, not required, unprompted, unsought
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