Definition of uninterruptible in English:



  • Not able to be broken in continuity.

    ‘an uninterruptible power supply’
    • ‘To avoid these pitfalls, install an uninterruptible power supply.’
    • ‘At its core, this is like the uninterruptible power supply on your computer.’
    • ‘Invest in some form of uninterruptible power supply, which uses batteries to keep servers running during power outages, if you run a business with network servers.’
    • ‘An uninterruptible power supply is helpful at the onset of a power outage as well.’
    • ‘Imagine by 2050 that every house, business and building has its own local electrical energy storage device, an uninterruptible power supply capable of handling the needs of the owner for 24 hours.’
    • ‘We don't have a generator, but we have enough uninterruptible power supply to shut down safely and avoid systems crashing.’
    • ‘Beyond that, closer to the equipment, is a rotary uninterruptible power supply setup that consists of six independent UPS modules.’
    • ‘To get up-to-date information, one firm routed power from a desktop computer uninterruptible power supply to a small television.’
    • ‘Your server needs an uninterruptible power supply.’
    • ‘All the more reason to check your uninterruptible power supply.’
    • ‘If your facility has computer loads or communications systems that use an uninterruptible power supply to ride through short-term outages, you should develop procedures for an orderly shut down.’
    • ‘And speaking of protection, we recommend purchasing uninterruptible power supplies for each server with software that communicates with the server.’
    • ‘The design consists of a single utility feed for power, a single uninterruptible power supply and a single backup generator.’
    • ‘You are also going to want an uninterruptible power supply.’
    • ‘Clued-in businesses these days wouldn't think of running their critical computer systems without an uninterruptible power supply.’
    • ‘One due diligence inspection, for example, found the facilities engineer had placed a sheet of plywood over the building's uninterruptible power supply system because there was no other place for a workbench.’
    • ‘An elaborate system of surge protection devices and uninterruptible power supplies guard the computer while in use.’
    • ‘Power loss in uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution units, cooling systems, etc., just add to the thermal load.’
    • ‘You should install one into a dedicated uninterruptible power supply and one into a room outlet, preferably a protected outlet or second uninterruptible power supply.’
    • ‘This follows a call for bids for the installation of an uninterruptible power supply for the signalling and communications systems.’