Definition of uninspired in English:



  • 1Lacking in imagination or originality.

    ‘he writes repetitive and uninspired poetry’
    • ‘Germany has repeated history by playing dull, uninspired, but highly efficient football to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.’
    • ‘It was probably the combination of a lot of uninspired movies and a lot of pressure on people all over town as we headed towards the holiday and awards seasons.’
    • ‘Most of the album involves piano/vocal-led compositions that seem monotonous, laboured and uninspired.’
    • ‘Gangster films and series are generally the most uninspired, unimaginative and moribund visual art around.’
    • ‘An uninspired second-half display took the gloss off a promising opening period, but pre-tournament warm-up matches often end that way.’
    • ‘We were dull, boring, uninspired but utterly professional.’
    • ‘Sorry, I'm somewhat uninspired today and I started off so well too.’
    • ‘But then things take a turn for the worst and you're left wading through a quagmire of dull beats and uninspired guest spots.’
    • ‘Let's call this what it is - a Get Out of Jail Free card for uninspired writers.’
    • ‘I've said it before and, since I'm completely uninspired at the moment, I'll say it again.’
    • ‘When a person does an act that is uninspired, insipid, it falls flat.’
    • ‘I always hate unoriginal and uninspired titles, but apparently I also specialise in them.’
    • ‘How many uninspired Hunter S. Thompson riffs have we had to sit and shudder through?’
    • ‘But the studio has done them a grave disservice with this uninspired and lacking disc transfer.’
    • ‘The movie is so tame, so bland and so uninspired, it just feels like a wasted opportunity.’
    • ‘The current station is far from perfect, but at least it has character, which this bland, uninspired new design signally fails to achieve.’
    • ‘The tissue-paper plots and cardboard characters are uninspired and repetitive.’
    • ‘One of the biggest myths surrounding diabetes is that people with the condition must stick to the same uninspired foods all the time.’
    • ‘The visual style is also uninspired, seemingly a half-hearted combination of Soderbergh and the Coens.’
    • ‘He finds the ruling party weak and his native people uninspired.’
    unimaginative, uninventive, pedestrian, mundane, unoriginal, prosaic, commonplace, ordinary, routine, second-rate, undistinguished, unexceptional, indifferent, humdrum, matter-of-fact, run of the mill, workaday, everyday, quotidian
    spiritless, colourless, passionless, anaemic, stale, hackneyed, trite, derived, derivative, conventional, unadventurous, dull, banal, monotonous, lifeless, lacklustre, sterile, uninspiring, vapid, insipid, bland, dry, barren, flat, stodgy
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  • 2(of a person) not filled with excitement.

    ‘they were uninspired by the Nationalist Party’
    • ‘He has seen that there is no future working with uninspired colleagues in a half-empty restaurant that does poor business.’
    • ‘The majority of people are uninspired by the traditional parties.’
    • ‘Yes, many are also uninspired and greedy, just like many other people in many other businesses.’
    • ‘I like it, but I am uninspired by the misogynist slant I see.’
    • ‘Many people agreed with Nader's specific criticisms of corporate capital - but they were uninspired.’