Definition of uninjured in English:



  • (of a person or part of the body) not harmed or damaged.

    ‘they escaped uninjured when their homes were hit’
    • ‘Rhodes was shot in the leg; Jacobs and her family were uninjured.’
    • ‘He was uninjured, but also went to hospital with his mother.’
    • ‘Both boys were uninjured after they clung onto the wall and avoided falling.’
    • ‘The female employee was uninjured but was left severely shaken by the experience.’
    • ‘Staff and customers were uninjured but shaken and police hope to trace two of the three customers in the shop at the time.’
    • ‘Thankfully the man was uninjured, but has been left extremely shaken.’
    • ‘The residents were uninjured, the government spokeswoman said, adding she did not know if the hut was damaged.’
    • ‘The woman was left uninjured but shaken after the attack at around 6pm.’
    • ‘No other vehicle was involved and the lorry driver was uninjured, but tailbacks were reported as traffic was reduced to a single lane.’
    • ‘Sandra was off in the darkness, but by the sounds she was uninjured and still fighting.’
    • ‘The alarm was raised shortly after 3pm yesterday by the fourth, uninjured member of the party.’
    • ‘She was uninjured but shocked and has yet to return to the scene.’
    • ‘After taking the uninjured boy home, Mr Green went back to the school to report the incident to the head teacher.’
    • ‘Although clearly distressed the woman was uninjured and she managed to alert police who arrived quickly at her home.’
    • ‘Mr Bailey received a bump to his head, but his wife was uninjured.’
    • ‘A coastguard spokesman said one had mild hypothermia but otherwise the sailors were uninjured.’
    • ‘A council spokesman confirmed that the pilot was uninjured and was quickly recovered from the water.’
    • ‘Northern Constabulary Police said later the woman declined medical assistance and the man was uninjured.’
    • ‘He is virtually uninjured by the ordeal, although Mr Henderson suspects his wing muscles have been slightly damaged.’
    • ‘If I were there when it happened I'd immediately run to their aid and make sure that they were uninjured.’
    whole, entire, complete, unbroken, undamaged, unharmed, unimpaired, unflawed, faultless, flawless, unscathed, untouched, unspoilt, unmutilated, unsevered, unblemished, unmarred, unmarked, perfect, pristine, inviolate, unviolated, undefiled, unsullied, in one piece
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