Definition of uninhibited in English:



  • 1Expressing one's feelings or thoughts unselfconsciously and without restraint.

    ‘a lively and uninhibited girl’
    • ‘Certainly her public persona is extroverted; she's uninhibited and quick to inject her opinions about literature, food, movies, whatever.’
    • ‘They are affectionate and uninhibited and their lifelong devotion to each other is touching.’
    • ‘A lot can be said for being spontaneous and uninhibited, but that is easier said than done.’
    • ‘She was intensely shy, but onstage she became the most uninhibited person in the room.’
    • ‘Like most open and uninhibited souls, these people probably have very few psychological problems.’
    • ‘Yet he and the wife still sit down to eat their humungous dinner in front of the set as they usually do, uninhibited by the presence of TV cameras.’
    • ‘She's slovenly and uninhibited; he's anal and reserved.’
    • ‘Miss Fritton is headmistress of St Trinian's, where her unorthodox doctrine and free expression has brought her a collection of very uninhibited pupils.’
    • ‘Isabelle, in a slightly drunk and uninhibited state, flaunts her desire at being desired while Gerald trembles at her physical closeness.’
    • ‘Morgenroth's subjects seem uninhibited and startlingly candid throughout.’
    unrestrained, unrepressed, abandoned, wild, impetuous, carefree, reckless
    unreserved, unrepressed, liberated, unconstrained, unselfconscious, free and easy, relaxed, informal, open, outgoing, extrovert, candid, outspoken, frank, forthright, spontaneous, instinctive, shameless
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    1. 1.1 Not having been restrained or suppressed.
      ‘fits of uninhibited laughter’
      ‘a naturally uninhibited sexuality’
      • ‘Uninhibited characterizations dominated the American animated cartoons of World War II.’
      • ‘Like many great screwball comedies, the film keeps rolling and rolling on pure, uninhibited energy.’
      • ‘There was free and uninhibited dancing and a spirit of joie de vivre among the artists, who have an attractive stage presence.’
      • ‘Many reviewers recognized his talents but criticized his uninhibited use of popular fiction conventions.’
      • ‘Her desires are free and uninhibited.’
      • ‘Singh's career-long use of color, always uninhibited, may contribute to the present volume's coffee-table aura.’
      • ‘The Australian metalworking trades operate in an environment uninhibited by the regulations of the more traditional European centres.’
      • ‘The man was acting crazy and the bystanders let him continue on his way uninhibited.’
      • ‘The narrator seeks to understand what this system is exactly, compared to the 'soothing system' which allows patients to wander around uninhibited.’
      • ‘His costumes and sets are remarkable for their sheer uninhibited splendour.’