Definition of uninfected in English:



  • 1Not harbouring a disease-causing organism.

    ‘sex with an uninfected person is obviously safe’
    • ‘Although extrapulmonary disease is more common in HIV seropositive patients than in uninfected controls, the responses to treatment appear similar in the developed world if patients are compliant.’
    • ‘It will help provide medical and social care to both HlV infected and uninfected victims of domestic violence.’
    • ‘In our study antibody concentrations in uninfected older teenagers stabilised over the previous four years, perhaps as a result of increased exposure by the sexual route.’
    • ‘Because patients with diabetes have demonstrated low levels of growth factors, becaplermin may be a good choice for diabetic ulcers that are clean and uninfected but slow to heal.’
    • ‘Firstly, the study recruited women as the infected partners in 67% of couples, so most of the uninfected, seronegative partners were men.’
    • ‘In competition experiments, glucose uptake by uninfected protoplasts was not affected by fructose.’
    • ‘The researchers observed a trend toward normalization in the cardiac differences in the uninfected children, who remained asymptomatic.’
    • ‘Microbicides are likely to be most effective at population level if they both protect uninfected women against HIV infection and reduce the infectiousness of women already infected.’
    • ‘This genetic diversity also creates a challenge in treating those infected with the disease and developing a vaccine to protect the uninfected.’
    • ‘The amount of HIV testing and the numbers of people infected and uninfected should be the measurement by which we determine the success of prevention programmes.’
    • ‘This increase is seen in our population too, but the difference between infected and uninfected individuals was not significant.’
    • ‘One theory to explain the loss is that some effects of the virus on uninfected cells may be to blame.’
    • ‘An uninfected person would be susceptible to the virus by touching skin or objects contaminated with infectious droplets, then touching mouth, nose or eyes.’
    • ‘They were three times more likely to have been exposed to a certain health care worker when compared to uninfected patients.’
    • ‘They genetically engineered and purified protein in the virus, which they then injected into uninfected mice.’
    • ‘Try to avoid surgical treatment during pregnancy for uninfected cysts.’
    • ‘For uninfected partners or those whose status is not known, methods to reduce the likelihood of passing on infection should be advised whether partners are aware of the diagnosis or not.’
    • ‘Then they zero in on and destroy infected cells while sparing uninfected ones.’
    • ‘A recent study found that women with an infection called bacterial vaginosis were nine times more likely to have a miscarriage than uninfected women.’
    • ‘Importantly, the hybrid cells were found to have the porcine endogenous retrovirus, a distant cousin of HIV, and to be able to transmit that virus to uninfected human cells.’
    clean, clear, fresh, crisp, refreshing, sparkling, unpolluted, untainted, unadulterated, uncontaminated
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    1. 1.1Computing Not affected with a virus.
      ‘the virus jumps to an uninfected floppy’
      • ‘From his choice of words, I could tell that there was no virus in the computer system… and that he believed the disk was uninfected.’
      • ‘This causes more network traffic and waste valuable time as users look to disinfect uninfected machines.’
      • ‘An uninfected computer receives an email from a computer which is already infected by one of the Bofra worms.’
      • ‘You can restore an uninfected PowerPoint out of an infected operating system image, for example.’
      • ‘A virus can only spread from one computer to another when its host is taken to the uninfected computer.’