Definition of unimpressive in English:



  • Evoking no admiration or respect; not striking.

    ‘her early academic record was unimpressive’
    ‘he was a man of unimpressive appearance’
    • ‘But what follows is not a maudlin melodrama, no matter what conclusions you may draw from that surely unimpressive premise.’
    • ‘The standard pre-sets are unimpressive, just as they are on other players - you either like the result or you don't.’
    • ‘Sadly, platforms 9 and 10 are in the unimpressive looking suburban section of the station.’
    • ‘What do you say, when you discover the unimpressive and slightly alarmed figure behind all the carefully crafted demonizations?’
    • ‘Graphically, for example, it is deeply unimpressive, it barely even bothers with a plot, it has no two-player mode and is too short.’
    • ‘It is an unimpressive record for a city with pretensions.’
    • ‘It is unimpressive, sadly, and littered with shotgun cartridges.’
    • ‘She was a clever girl with a passion for books and an urge to write, but her academic achievements at Ripon Grammar School were unimpressive.’
    • ‘The server interface is unimpressive in appearance, but it is very useful.’
    • ‘Hidden away between a popular pub and a disused former bank it is an inauspicious, unimpressive building in the shadows of Aberdeen city centre.’
    • ‘The recent track record has certainly been unimpressive.’
    • ‘I wasn't a weekend Goth as such; just a mildly unimpressive one.’
    • ‘She's talking about the faintly unimpressive exit poll results.’
    • ‘Our ordinary politicians may look unimpressive in looks but their abilities to speak make them extra ordinary.’
    • ‘Americans grumble about British book jackets, English people talk about how unimpressive American Book Jackets are.’
    • ‘She emerged among the hot-rod hordes with the plain and unimpressive common license they give to all the ill-mannered drivers.’
    • ‘The list of failures is long, and deeply unimpressive.’
    • ‘But then sometimes when you're upset, you are slightly unimpressive.’
    • ‘These unimpressive statistics are not, however, consistent with some of the rugby seen at Mint Bridge in 2004.’
    • ‘The Christmas display in Birmingham is well up to its usual unimpressive standards.’
    run-of-the-mill, ordinary, middle-of-the-road, average, common, commonplace, everyday, workaday, quotidian, pedestrian, suburban, mundane, mediocre, humdrum, prosaic, lacklustre, unexceptional, indifferent, forgettable, unmemorable, uninspired, unexciting, unspectacular, uneventful, unremarkable, inconsequential, unnoticeable, inconspicuous, characterless, featureless, nondescript, plain, simple, fair, not bad, passable, all right, middling, moderate
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