Definition of unimpassioned in English:



  • Having or showing no emotion or intensity.

    ‘a flat, unimpassioned voice’
    • ‘This Government looks tired, unimpassioned, and as though it lacks leadership.’
    • ‘The list runneth short, so who is Batman supposed to fight when his usual enemies wax lackadaisical and unimpassioned?’
    • ‘Reason - cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason - must furnish all the materials for our future support and defense.’
    • ‘To be the unimpassioned mimic of human passions before fellow human beings who agreed to look on without intervening-all this must have been a startlingly new experience at one point in time.’
    • ‘He threw off everything which would weaken his struggle to produce a cool, unimpassioned interpretation of the conflict between his mind and vision and the prospect of immediate death.’
    apathetic, passive, unenthusiastic, lifeless, listless, lacking in vitality, weak, feeble, spineless, droopy, limp, languid, bloodless, insipid, characterless, submissive, meek, irresolute, indecisive
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