Definition of unimaginative in English:



  • Not readily using or demonstrating the use of the imagination; stolid and somewhat dull.

    ‘the production was plodding and unimaginative’
    ‘the audience proved sluggish and unimaginative’
    ‘he was an unimaginative leader’
    • ‘Like alchemy, poetic art refines the base matter that the unimaginative overlook.’
    • ‘However that preoccupation would not be shared by an ordinary unimaginative skilled man reading this document at the priority date.’
    • ‘Both parties agreed that the addressee is deemed to be unimaginative and uninventive.’
    • ‘Perhaps it wasn't edge of the seat stuff, but neither was it deadly dull and wholly unimaginative.’
    • ‘It was that this is a thoroughly unimaginative, mean-spirited and even, dare I say, anti-human idea.’
    • ‘Why did these men have to be so old, dull and completely unimaginative?’
    • ‘Not even the clever antics of the Baron and his friends could ultimately save this dull and unimaginative animation.’
    • ‘I thought the responses by both men dull and unimaginative or, as Paul Lewis wrote, ‘lacking a big idea’.’
    • ‘Restaurants so often let themselves down at the last by serving unimaginative or downright stodgy desserts.’
    • ‘Gangster films and series are generally the most uninspired, unimaginative and moribund visual art around.’
    • ‘It wasn't, but ostriches have a poor sense of humour and thus find unimaginative alliteration almost ridiculously amusing.’
    • ‘But local groups have now slammed the unimaginative proposal and condemned it as a lost opportunity for revitalising the town.’
    • ‘We started dancing, but rapidly became bored with the bland, unimaginative hip-hop that was being played.’
    • ‘The accountant was described as being personally dull, boring and unimaginative.’
    • ‘How simple and unimaginative does America's imagination have to be if it can be captured that easily with a horse!’
    • ‘The bus is shunned due to the unimaginative routing and long waits.’
    • ‘They pretend to not see you, and then make insincere apologies or unimaginative threats when you object to them cutting you up in a manner most dangerous.’
    • ‘I could go on as long as I like, but I think I'll stop there, because I'm becoming unimaginative and tired.’
    • ‘Despite our awareness of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, we can still be surprisingly unimaginative when it comes to fruit and veg.’
    • ‘There is an overdependence on unison writing between the alto and bass, and most of the drum lines are unimaginative and monotonous.’
    uninspired, uninventive, unoriginal, uncreative, unartistic, commonplace, pedestrian, mundane, matter-of-fact, ordinary, usual, routine, humdrum, prosaic, workaday, run of the mill
    stale, hackneyed, trite, derived, derivative, conventional, unadventurous, dull, banal, monotonous, lifeless, lacklustre, sterile, uninspiring, spiritless, vapid, insipid, bland, dry, barren, flat, stodgy
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