Definition of unilingual in English:



  • Conducted in, concerned with, or speaking only one language.

    ‘the only officially unilingual province in Canada’
    ‘unilingual English language establishments with no bilingual programme’
    ‘unilingual speakers’
    • ‘How many months does anyone think a unilingual francophone could survive living in Toronto without learning English?’
    • ‘He blamed the ‘arrogance’ and ‘linguistic stubbornness’ of unilingual English Canadians for breaking the country apart.’
    • ‘Since she and three unilingual Inuit elders were elected in October, the use of Inuktitut has skyrocketed in municipal documents and proceedings.’
    • ‘Such a situation would not be possible in unilingual sides like the Australian or the English or the West Indies.’
    • ‘Not only would this ensure that unilingual Inuktitut residents were adequately served by their government, it would also represent a key step towards the goal of a government rooted in Inuit culture.’
    • ‘Self-consciously and apologetically unilingual, he still tried to make a difference - put himself out there, asking questions, admitting his weaknesses, challenging sacred truths.’
    • ‘Before independence, the Indian National Congress had consistently propagated a federal structure for the free India with unilingual states and had pledged constitutional safeguards for the minorities.’
    • ‘The reissue contains an extensive translation of the liner notes (along with shots of their instruments: rocks, hammers, sheet metal, etc.), allowing the unilingual amongst us can get even more from the songs.’
    • ‘Rather it exists as a continuum, from long-established unilingual anglophones broadly similar to anglophones in Ontario through bilinguals of various kinds to francophones using English as a second language.’
    • ‘The truth is that signs can be unilingual Greek if the owners want them to be, and only in Quebec are they required to bear French at all.’
    • ‘It would also help unilingual francophones to function as unilinguals outside of Quebec, in so far as official bilingualism insures provision of government services in French.’
    • ‘Hence, to avoid a unilingual, single - tradition legal context, a better dissemination of the law from countries with civil law traditions should be promoted.’
    • ‘Overall, the book gives the impression that Quebec is a unilingual French society, whereas the daily and legal realities are much more complex.’
    • ‘I have lived through the transition from the day when most Inuit were unilingual to the present day when the younger generations are multi-lingual.’
    • ‘First, they were published in French, which greatly reduced their accessibility to unilingual English-speaking geneticists.’
    • ‘But the move towards smaller, unilingual panels has probably facilitated the spontaneous communication between writers, making the events much more stimulating for the audience.’
    • ‘Thus, twenty-five out of thirty-six of the European countries are officially unilingual.’
    • ‘With bilingualism an essential requirement of the communications job, the unilingual Reid is seen as a transitional move until another candidate is found.’
    • ‘The product of a unilingual French Canadian father and an Anglo Nova Scotian mother, O'Donoughue says that almost 40 per cent of Quebecers have Irish roots.’
    • ‘Adams said the regional government decided to push for junior officers because guidelines for the more senior conservation officers require French skills, which would prevent unilingual Inuit from getting the job.’