Definition of unijunction in English:



  • A negative resistance device consisting of a rectifying p–n junction in the middle of a length of semiconducting material that has an ohmic contact at each end, used as a switching element.

    • ‘All in all, SCR's and unijunctions are probably the simplest and cheapest solutions, and appear to have no disadvantages.’
    • ‘I was designing circuits in 1967, and it would not have been hard to do just as good a control with the technology of the day (I like programmable unijunctions).’
    • ‘Shown on the left is an example of low cost planar unijunctions developed in the 1960s.’
    • ‘This is a good, reliable sawtooth generator and is probably the main use for unijunctions.’
    • ‘The unijunction transistor, or UJT, is a three-terminal device with a single pn-junction.’