Definition of unify in English:


verbunifies, unifying, unified

  • Make or become united, uniform, or whole.

    with object ‘the government hoped to centralize and unify the nation’
    no object ‘opposition groups struggling to unify around the goal of replacing the regime’
    • ‘The government attempted to simplify and unify the land tenure system.’
    • ‘He finished the year at the head of a nation more unified than at any time since the end of World War II.’
    • ‘For example, white banners demarcate each section and unify the various rooms and floors.’
    • ‘If the space lacks a certain definition, its boundaries are enhanced by a staff that unifies the room by eye contact.’
    • ‘It may be a simple unifying idea, but that is one of the reasons why I like the album so much.’
    • ‘The system unifies and adapts the logistics network to the business environment.’
    • ‘When this happens, the levels of soul are draw more closely together and unify with one another.’
    • ‘There is nothing unified about a nation of people; for every crowd there is a break away.’
    • ‘If you've got problems at home, what's the best way to unify the nation?’
    • ‘The sacrifice of war is what is required, say the new conservatives, to found and unify the nation.’
    • ‘The election process could end up dividing the nation, rather than unifying it.’
    • ‘Everyone wants the power, and no one seems capable of unifying the nation.’
    • ‘Syncretism is usually defined in terms of attempts to combine or unify elements of different religious systems.’
    • ‘What has historically happened to diplomatic services when nations have been unified?’
    • ‘This text attempted to unify many existing algebraic systems.’
    • ‘We see the dichotomies, the wealth of paradox and the inherent contradictions but fail to see what it is that unifies them all into a coherent whole in their minds.’
    • ‘An effective and unified system of rules and regulations is the real cure to corruption.’
    • ‘Amidst the pageantry the monarchy is presented as a part of the unbroken tradition unifying the nation.’
    • ‘Power again will be transferred from a leader of one party to the leader of another - and the nation will unify behind him.’
    • ‘A clear distinction can be made within the supposedly unified London Underground system.’
    unite, bring together, join, join together, merge, fuse, amalgamate, coalesce, combine, blend, mix, bind, link up, consolidate, integrate, marry, synthesize, federate, weld together
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Early 16th century: from French unifier or late Latin unificare ‘make into a whole’.