Definition of unidentifiable in English:



  • Unable to be identified.

    ‘an unidentifiable accent’
    • ‘I will only be satisfied if they are unidentifiable.’
    • ‘‘Most of the bodies are so badly burned they are unidentifiable,’ he added.’
    • ‘The search uncovered what appeared to be a hollowed out book with wires coming from it and three other unidentifiable electrical items.’
    • ‘Clearly a sauce had been made, and then bits of fish just chucked in with a few gratings of some worryingly unidentifiable vegetable.’
    • ‘Mr Dixon replied: ‘There are no unidentifiable fingerprints common to both vehicles.’’
    • ‘Suddenly, her lips moved, beginning to form words that were projected in an unidentifiable accent.’
    • ‘He said if remains had to be transferred they would be unidentifiable because the gravestones had been moved previously.’
    • ‘There are glimpses of at least three pubs and vague recollections of conversations with unidentifiable individuals.’
    • ‘In others the meat was so processed the DNA was unidentifiable.’
    • ‘The week before pay day is the time I'm most likely to be cooking up casseroles from unidentifiable bits of meat from the freezer, and staying in to do the ironing.’
    • ‘It was really the teachers' tea and coffee space but it was lined with shelves of pickled things - octopuses, rats and many unidentifiable things.’
    • ‘The knock-on effect from being hit by an uninsured driver, unidentifiable or not, should not be taken lightly.’
    • ‘In the café - a dimly lit concrete shell - they served soto madura, a murky soup filled with unidentifiable animal parts.’
    • ‘He uses interiors and outdoor locations which are believably drab yet shot through with unidentifiable menace.’
    • ‘Several local women have received unidentifiable letters containing what appears to be an advert torn from a newspaper for a slimming aid.’
    • ‘His typical early evening entertainment involves putting on a tape of some unidentifiable rock music and playing along to it.’
    • ‘With unidentifiable hordes of them knocking on doors after dark and being handed all the candy their parents never let then have any other time of the year, what's not to love?’
    • ‘But a lot of them are completely unidentifiable, even if they're not nondescript.’
    • ‘Most of the victims had been shot in the head and many were immediately unidentifiable because of their terrible facial injuries.’
    • ‘Labelling supporters counter that there may be unidentifiable risks, and that their goal is simply to provide consumer choice.’
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