Definition of unidealized in English:


(also unidealised)


  • Not regarded or represented as better than in reality; true to life.

    ‘he painted unidealized views of country life’
    • ‘These painters outraged the public and the authorities with their focus on the naked body alone, unidealized and free from any of the historical or mythological trappings that had traditionally provided a moral cover for nudity in art.’
    • ‘As a reporter confronting degradation and atrocity, his forthright, unidealized self-presentation is alien to the school of writer-adventurers to which he belongs.’
    • ‘Based on Titian's erotic Venus of Urbino (1583; Florence, Uffizi), Manet's courtesan, attended by her black maid, stares imperiously towards the viewer, challenging in her unidealized nakedness.’
    • ‘The Realist movement expounded the idea that art should rebel against the traditional historical, mythological and religious subjects in favour of unidealised scenes of modern life.’
    • ‘The play between evocative costumes and unidealized facial features suggests an internal dialogue between public and private, malleable and immutable aspects of identity.’