Definition of unicorn fish in English:

unicorn fish


  • Any of a number of fishes with a hornlike projection on the head.

    a crestfish with a dorsal fin that extends forward from the head (Lophotes fiskii, family Lophotidae).

    an Indo-Pacific surgeonfish (genus Naso, family Acanthuridae).

    • ‘With the unicorn fish this curved blade appears like a horn of a unicorn pointing forward from the nose.’
    • ‘In some instances, such as when large schools of unicorn fish have been trapped within an encircling net, the fishermen will enter the water and spear the fish that have hidden amongst coral.’
    • ‘There are often many unicorn fish and schools of yellow snappers.’
    • ‘Large schools of unicorn fish and fusiliers gather in the shallow bays close to the coral wall and look out to the blue for the occasional Napoleon Wrasse.’
    • ‘It is not necessary that all unicorn fish have a horn.’