Definition of unhip in English:



  • Unaware of current fashions or trends.

    ‘while it was remote and decidedly unhip, the town was otherwise right up-to-date’
    • ‘Out of the window, I could see Jonah jogging ungracefully towards our block, all elbows and knees in a tragically unhip white vest, and I realised I'd had a lucky escape.’
    • ‘And since jazz wasn't taken seriously enough to be a scholarly subject outside of music departments, academics who did write about it had to eschew the unhip scholarly apparatus and take notes on the scene.’
    • ‘For someone who spends his life writing about the hip and the cool, the Brooklyn-based writer comes across as unhip - despite having 2,233 CDs in his collection.’
    • ‘Following this prescription, Mr. Florida tells us, there's hope for any city, even his decidedly unhip hometown.’
    • ‘The great thing about hanging out with Republicans is that it's very unhip for both of us.’
    • ‘In fact, I'd kind of suspect the character of anyone under 70 unhip enough to have passed on the opportunity to see what all the buzz was about.’
    • ‘For those of you who live in thoroughly unhip neighbourhoods with no access to flailing studios, I'll produce a series of flailing DVDs.’
    • ‘She's generally fairly unhip, and looked uber-trendy in an of-the-moment peasant ensemble that both our ancestors would not have paid two roubels for in the Old Country.’
    • ‘His choice of collaborators - Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, the late George Harrison - has been about as unhip as you can get.’
    • ‘There are always going to be people writing commentaries explaining that the posturing is in some sense ironic and that therefore only the hopelessly unhip who need be alarmed.’
    • ‘I'm just your average, everyday, divorced 37 year old girl - overweight, tragically unhip, and trying to make a life for myself.’
    • ‘It became very unhip to consider things through military eyes.’
    • ‘For those of you who are woefully unhip to the ways of the Internet, this ancient tradition (adhered to by almost no one but me) means that the proprietor of the weblog is swamped and won't be posting much for a while.’
    • ‘Being middle-aged and generally unhip, I had to make up a few answers.’
    • ‘If you've never come across or heard of the LAN party you're not terminally unhip, unwicked or anything else with ‘un’ at the beginning.’
    • ‘Vietnam vets, once culturally ostracized, had become deservedly more sympathetic in the eyes of the media, and everything countercultural was now unhip - or worse.’
    • ‘We were constantly being wrong-footed, set up, walking into complex traps which they had laid for us, with the intention of making us look like terminally unhip, gullible ingénues.’
    • ‘Hip euro-kids in unhip clothes bounded out of flashy cars.’
    • ‘Does it make me pathetically unhip that my favorite Velvet Underground song is ‘Rock and Roll’?’
    • ‘This is very uncool, very unhip work that I'm doing.’