Definition of unheretical in English:



  • Not heretical; orthodox.

    • ‘The only heresies he actually mentions are so unheretical that Colet is clearly well within the doctrinal framework of the traditional church.’
    • ‘Ideas of this kind reflect an acceptable, more moderate, unheretical version of the very traditions which the rabbis found dangerous.’
    • ‘Unheretical belief depends upon the process of discovering and confirming the truth.’
    • ‘It may have been impertinent but it was surely unheretical to raise the question again in this nuanced way.’
    • ‘To the alchemist there was no such thing as heresy, while to the Church there was no such thing as an unheretical alchemist.’
    conventional, mainstream, conformist, accepted, approved, received, recognized, correct, proper, established, well established, authorized, authoritative, traditional, traditionalist, prevailing, prevalent, common, popular, customary, usual, normal, regular, standard, canonical, doctrinal, conservative, unoriginal, derivative
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