Definition of unheard in English:



  • 1Not heard or listened to.

    ‘my protests went unheard’
    • ‘Questions pertaining to human rights violation went unheard into oblivion.’
    • ‘Russian courts have so far refused to issue further compensation, and pleas for an investigation have also gone unheard.’
    • ‘Celia stomped her foot into the soft grassy ground, but the sound of it went unheard.’
    • ‘Hence his way of life can be sacrificed without compunction, and his protests go unheard.’
    • ‘When war looms large on the horizon, tiny, meek and often unheard voices of children counsel the wisdom of peace.’
    • ‘What will be heard will be her claim to be unheard when she, of all people, is always, always heard.’
    • ‘They are local votaries of heritage preservation, yet their voice remains largely unheard.’
    • ‘So there are voices speaking out against this extra injustice, but those voices largely go unheard.’
    • ‘Until two months ago the familiar jingle that whips most children into a frenzy went unheard by the toddler who was born profoundly deaf.’
    • ‘Miles tells the crazy, crazy story of the label's rise and fall with the aid of some largely unheard archive material.’
    • ‘The inquest heard Mr Smith had gone home - unheard by his parents - and taken his motor bike out of the back garden.’
    • ‘He heard his voice pierce the air, low and almost unheard to most, but horribly loud to his own ears.’
    • ‘While the stories sound amusing, attached to them are unheard feelings of embarrassment and hurt.’
    • ‘He has now filed a petition with the country's High Court claiming he has found previously unheard evidence.’
    • ‘In Moscow, there is a great body of expertise on the historic environment, yet it appears to go unheard.’
    • ‘It was as if he was lip-reading while he listened, making sure nothing went unheard.’
    • ‘Those who had been unheard for some time might want to try to push back their popularity using this.’
    • ‘It was rumoured that he had a spy in every building, and that no word spoken in his sector would go unheard by his listening ears.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, unseen and unheard, local producers and wholesalers face the steady decline of their business.’
    • ‘So often, young people's voices go unheard by mainstream media, government and the rest of society.’
    not heard, out of earshot
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  • 2unheard ofNot previously known of or done.

    ‘it was unheard of for a boy to miss church’
    ‘wines from unheard-of villages’
    • ‘Still, that level of connection actually holds out some possibilities for unification on a level previously unheard of.’
    • ‘They could also keep the rights of their images, something previously unheard of.’
    • ‘For a book about money, finance and the stock market, those sorts of numbers were previously unheard of.’
    • ‘Such a case against a victim of crime had previously been unheard of.’
    • ‘They had succeeded in killing two of their number as well, a previously unheard of feat.’
    • ‘For the past three months, my Wednesdays have been a previously unheard of model of efficiency.’
    • ‘Of most interest to Drake obsessives is Tow the Line, a previously unheard song discovered lurking at the end of an old master tape.’
    • ‘This will work wonders and boost their relationship to levels previously unheard of.’
    unprecedented, exceptional, extraordinary, out of the ordinary, uncommon, unusual, unparalleled, unrivalled, unmatched, unequalled, singular, unique
    unknown, unfamiliar, new, little known, undiscovered, obscure, nameless, unsung, unheralded, groundbreaking
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