Definition of unhealed in English:



  • Not yet healed.

    ‘the scars were raw and unhealed’
    • ‘She is a tightly fitted mask of compulsive politeness pulled over both great grief and corrosive, unhealed cruelties.’
    • ‘Trying to close it by force, of course, has only worsened those unhealed wounds.’
    • ‘It is the story of three old friends, separated by years and distance from their shared Glasgow childhood, who meet up again with each of them carrying unhealed and sometimes undisclosed scars.’
    • ‘It's a painful thing to do, but this issue of race is still one that's unhealed in our country, and it needs to be addressed.’
    • ‘The damage to this nation remains largely unhealed, or even properly acknowledged.’
    • ‘And racial inequality is America's great unfinished business, the wound that remains unhealed.’
    • ‘But that still leaves the rift with the Referees Association unhealed and there is no way such a conflict can be in the best interests of the sport.’
    • ‘And still, given a set of circumstances that frighten me by touching unhealed sensitivities in my own heart, I become flustered.’
    • ‘These are just four of the angst-ridden horror stories that have turned into deep and unhealed sores in the psyche of a tormented people.’
    • ‘Sam Shepard's three-hour epic, like much of his work, focuses on unhealed wounds and frayed male bonding.’
    • ‘For the thousands who have lost friends and loved ones and children, the unhealed sorrow returns, as they remember those who served their country and will be twenty-one forever.’
    • ‘Everything is there, outside my unhealed history, outside my fears.’
    • ‘If a family triangle is unhealed, we may recreate it, once or many times, hoping on some deep and inaccessible level that we will find a way to heal or resolve it.’
    • ‘This ambiguity, and the unhealed wounds of slavery, are the real subject of Cassin's novel.’
    • ‘It is a world of habitual mistrust and violence, a world unhealed by that simple act of recognition that can turn strangers into community, a minority into the mainstream.’
    • ‘Now they came tumbling out, jagged expletives and soul-deep loathing, uncontrolled, from a place in his damaged body as yet unhealed.’
    • ‘Can a sound future be built for a state, or a country, on the unhealed gaping wounds of thousands of its citizens?’
    • ‘It had been a month since Rachael's disappearance, but my wound was still tender, raw and unhealed.’
    • ‘The first shows a skeleton with red and yellow snakeheads poking through its ribs: serpents representing his unhealed wounds, his addiction, and the malignant spirits which held him.’
    • ‘This is not to say that their lives do not or did not include many painful memories, pain evoking stimuli, and unhealed emotional wounds.’
    sore, red, inflamed, painful, sensitive, tender
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