Definition of unharmful in English:



  • Not harmful.

    ‘the design of the plant was such that the grit and dust should be unharmful to local residents’
    • ‘It was to retrieve her weapons and something else she had given to the girl Riley and the need to know the territory of which she was currently treading on, despite being noted as unharmful.’
    • ‘Why should Muscarello apologize for speaking his mind in an unharmful, unoffensive way?’
    • ‘If blind eyes are turned to some drug use, such as cannabis, on the (utterly mistaken) assumption that it is relatively unharmful, this destroys the consistency that is the absolute requirement to hold a moral and behavioural line.’
    • ‘… the state of intoxication as not only largely unharmful to society and sanctioned by precedent, but as a fundamental human right, a biological imperative in itself.’