Definition of unhappiness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The feeling of not being happy; sadness.

    ‘I've seen too much unhappiness caused by broken marriages’
    • ‘The sad part is no one saw my unhappiness.’
    • ‘Even the ballads sound like the singers have only vaguely heard of the concept of romantic unhappiness.’
    • ‘Desire must be subordinate to reason, or else they will throw the individual out of balance and lead him into injustice and unhappiness.’
    • ‘Every step forward, every sentence of the book seems to contain a balance of unhappiness.’
    • ‘We go through periods of relative unhappiness or relative contentment.’
    • ‘More to the point, his suffering and unhappiness had taken their toll.’
    • ‘Weight and food become the symptoms of your unhappiness, and so you eat to compensate for your feelings.’
    • ‘I found myself quietly cheering at some of your eloquent criticisms of the pharmacological approach to unhappiness.’
    • ‘It fills up your heart and the inner life with unhappiness and dissatisfaction.’
    • ‘We cannot come to appreciate the happy times unless we have experienced the pain of unhappiness.’
    • ‘She didn't want contentment but she wanted strong feeling, and you ask whether unhappiness is the price of feeling fully alive.’
    • ‘Combine these qualities of self-denial and there is a propensity for deep unhappiness.’
    • ‘On the downside, I had projected a deep and profound unhappiness.’
    • ‘The notes by the deceased may, he submitted, have genuinely expressed unhappiness at the time of writing.’
    • ‘In one sense these apprehensions did her good, for they kept her from dwelling upon her own unhappiness.’
    • ‘Attachment is not wholesome; it will sooner or later bring unhappiness.’
    • ‘His ability seemed to spring from perversity; perhaps even from unhappiness.’
    • ‘Her approach forced me to think about my contribution to the unhappiness in our home.’
    • ‘Scientology is meant to help clear people of unhappiness.’
    • ‘Jasper was sitting in the back, groaning in unhappiness.’
    sadness, sorrow, dejection, depression, misery, cheerlessness, downheartedness, despondency, despair, desolation, wretchedness, malaise, glumness, gloom, gloominess, dolefulness
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    1. 1.1 The feeling of not being satisfied or pleased with a situation.
      ‘residents expressed their unhappiness at the council's decision’
      • ‘He said afterwards that he would be seeking legal advice about the aftercare his mother received and about his unhappiness with the evidence given.’
      • ‘There is a lot of discomfort and unhappiness around the country about congestion and about transportation services in general.’
      • ‘The reluctance of the peasants to sign statutory documents reflects their unhappiness about the terms of the Act of Emancipation of 1861.’
      • ‘But unhappiness at workloads has been building up across the country for three years.’
      • ‘Mirror sites that had not been true mirrors had been shut down over the past few months, and no-one had expressed unhappiness about this.’
      • ‘There's still a lot of unhappiness with him among the base, particularly on immigration and campaign finance reform.’
      • ‘Moscow has frequently expressed its unhappiness at losing control over the region.’
      • ‘My unhappiness with the curriculum at the Academy deepened day by day.’
      • ‘Schools, businesses, heritage sites, householders, as well as the Shipley firefighters themselves… all are coming forward to express their unhappiness with the plan.’
      • ‘And there were bishops who did not disguise their unhappiness with bishops who even raised such awkward questions.’
      • ‘But the level of support for the motion shows the unhappiness among members.’
      • ‘There is a considerable body of case-law to this effect in the United States and elsewhere, even where the court expresses some unhappiness at the result.’
      • ‘If your stylist is running late, express your unhappiness with the situation and give them a chance to toe the line next time.’
      • ‘Viewers voiced their unhappiness at the upheaval on the company's website.’
      • ‘Should their unhappiness with their contracts affect their draft status?’
      • ‘I understated the grouchiness of the article, and the author's obvious unhappiness with a lot of new historicism.’
      • ‘His concern for society and the City, unhappiness with politicians, vast experience in managing the finances of public bodies, and keen study of the ills of Bangalore make him interesting.’
      • ‘He's coming in at a time when there's a lot of unhappiness with the field.’
      • ‘There is widespread unhappiness about the cost and complexity of the system.’
      • ‘The main reason for his departure was his unhappiness with the company's performance.’