Definition of unhandy in English:



  • 1Not easy to handle or manage; awkward.

    ‘I've always found that rifle cumbersome, heavy, and unhandy’
    • ‘The only complaint about the design is the unhandy FDD connector placement.’
    • ‘They don't even take small chances, because these fellows are so unhandy to have around.’
    • ‘Now I'm pathological about putting everything I own where it cannot possibly be damaged (usually in unhandy spots where I can't enjoy the whatever-it-is).’
    • ‘This makes it unhandy for the boats as well as the Co-Op.’
    cumbersome, unwieldy
    clumsy, ungainly, uncoordinated, maladroit, graceless, ungraceful, inept, inelegant, unskilful, gauche, gawky, gangling, blundering, lumbering, cloddish
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  • 2Not skilful in using the hands.

    ‘even unhandy homemakers can often sew window coverings’