Definition of unhandily in English:



  • See unhandy

    • ‘Some Arab horsemen from behind the Turks galloped towards us, bucketing unhandily across the irrigation ditches.’
    • ‘A door was opened to him and there, before his appalled gaze, still swung the unhandily dispatched corpse.’
    • ‘His companion was unhandily trimming branches from a pine bole, using an ivory-handled poniard.’
    • ‘But what he had was the wooden bungalow to live in, and sickly chickens with lice, to pluck and clean unhandily, and, worst of the lot, the agonizing duty of delivering these corpses, during the holidays, at the doors of richer friends who had been poorer than his grandparents.’
    • ‘But I did, and managed to pull off, not unhandily, a tale called ` A Wayside Comedy’ where I worked for a certain ` economy of implication,’ and in one phrase of less than a dozen words believed I had succeeded.’