Definition of unguessable in English:



  • Impossible to guess or imagine.

    ‘a manor of an unguessable antiquity’
    • ‘To find it at its rather unguessable URL, click here.’
    • ‘The room was filled with sophisticated electronic gear, all or most of it of unguessable purpose.’
    • ‘It was an odd sensation, feeling as though one were sitting still, though simultaneously moving at some unguessable speed that could have been a snail's pace or free fall in a void.’
    • ‘The unreasoning, regular arrival of the stuff convinces me that only people who had turned themselves into loathsome machines for unguessable reasons could be behind it.’
    • ‘Yet another unguessable variable is the fact that the present situation is highly out of the ordinary.’
    • ‘And you slump back, exhausted and bewildered, facing another wait of unguessable duration, and the pain and the fear continue.’
    • ‘Then she turned to face him, her eyes dark wells of unguessable pain.’
    • ‘It made a sharp turn to the left at the house, and went on to meander away to unguessable destinations.’
    • ‘They found themselves in a dark unlighted space of unguessable size, but Jack judged by the sound of their echoing feet that it was a large chamber.’
    • ‘I wish she'd told me so I could give her some kind of comfort, but as she'd said, the repercussions were unguessable.’
    • ‘At this point, for reasons unguessable, the teachers gleefully shout obscenities at the car, giving their young charges a vocabulary lesson that their parents probably won't appreciate.’
    • ‘Most experts gloomily predict temperatures rising unabated until 2100, when the world will be warmer by six degrees than it is today, an increase with almost unguessable consequences.’