Definition of ungroomed in English:



  • Not neat and tidy in appearance.

    • ‘I've never given much attention to my eyebrows but now that I have cut my hair shorter, my eyebrows seem more apparent and ungroomed.’
    • ‘I suppose that in my quest for the unguarded and ungroomed Diana, I was looking for proof of her humanity.’
    • ‘She wore no makeup and her neat ungroomed eyebrows joined ever so slightly.’
    • ‘The PM's wife feared appearing ungroomed so much thereafter that she felt compelled to fly a top hairdresser with her to overseas appointments.’
    • ‘Eschewing the accepted practice of hiring a good PR man to sell the product, they wheeled out an uninformed and ungroomed treasurer as a sacrificial lamb.’
    • ‘You know, the kind of guy so ungroomed that he has actually found a way to braid his sideburns.’
    • ‘Shaggy locks of dark, ungroomed hair flitted across my line of vision, but I managed to walk in a straight enough path.’
    scruffy, tousled, dishevelled, unkempt, messy, disordered, disarranged, messed up, rumpled, bedraggled, uncombed, straggly, ruffled, tangled, matted, windblown, wild
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