Definition of ungraspable in English:



  • Impossible to comprehend or understand.

    ‘the scale of brutality was ungraspable’
    • ‘The subtle, ungraspable, undefinable but so vital and crucially important factors are more similar to energy than to matter, hence the name life-energy, life force.’
    • ‘Dark, brooding, almost ungraspable, the series set notes of brilliant orange-gold against deep brown expanses of crusty pigment.’
    • ‘He may offer an extreme example of dedication and pluck, but we live now, 30 years later, in an era when the formerly ungraspable means of movie production lie easily within the reach of nearly all of us.’
    • ‘In fact these aren't even thoughts; they are miniscule shards, atoms of the ungraspable Reality, that filter through our consciousness.’
    • ‘There's something that's simultaneously catchy and ungraspable about the whole thing, which just might explain its appeal.’
    • ‘The ungraspable scale of war's toll is depicted through the struggle of one 15-year-old girl.’
    • ‘Within this ungraspable setting are separate parts as inconsistent as dream sequences.’
    • ‘The metaphorical place seems more real than the ungraspable reality of their own country.’
    • ‘I think with this he has grasped the ungraspable.’
    • ‘We respond to the luminous revelations of small transcendences rather than the ungraspable miracles of the universe or the cosmos.’
    • ‘Chan's book, Before a Blue Sky Moon, reveals a poet who specializes in evoking the ungraspable.’
    • ‘This gives a sense of simultaneity and interaction; ungraspable changes which do not easily fit into a frame are brought together.’
    • ‘You're really talking about what's ungraspable.’
    • ‘Unmoving, but in her immobility lay a new freedom, one that was fundamental but unfathomable, simple but unknowable, pure but ungraspable.’
    • ‘Perhaps this fact, coupled with the ungraspable enormity of the tragedy, will now compel us to look beyond Hollywood for our narratives and metaphors.’
    • ‘He felt himself facing something ungraspable.’
    • ‘We who feel that the real is unattainable, or at least ungraspable, for us does salvation lie only in seclusion, in retreat, like a star abandoning its constellation?’
    • ‘His concentration was almost ungraspable and he shook his head to refocus.’
    • ‘In this being in front of me, what is already given to me and what remains forever ungraspable: his body, his gestures, his breath?’
    • ‘In the Buddhist view, the root of all negativity is our ignorance of the true nature of life, consciousness and the universe, and our attempt to grasp and solidify what is ever changing and ungraspable.’