Definition of ungrammatical in English:



  • Not conforming to grammatical rules.

    ‘ungrammatical sentences’
    • ‘Identification takes place by noticing subtle differences between grammatical and ungrammatical utterances.’
    • ‘She was told that sentences like the one you are now reading are ungrammatical.’
    • ‘I'm so confident that such sentences are ungrammatical that I would be prepared to lecture it to a hostile audience.’
    • ‘Yes, I wonder whether there might have been a scribal error in that case: the sentence as presented seems not so much ungrammatical as simply incoherent.’
    • ‘But there would appear to be an infinite number of both grammatical and ungrammatical sentences.’
    • ‘The problem is even more difficult with spoken language because of background noise and people's tendency to use ungrammatical sentences.’
    • ‘This is a normal example of syntactic and semantic change in progress, and I'm certainly not about to say that these sentences are ungrammatical.’
    • ‘All of these seem ungrammatical to me personally.’
    • ‘The problem is not that the sentence is ungrammatical, but rather that it doesn't say what I mean.’
    • ‘Margaret's English spelling was atrocious, the handwriting not quite legible, sentences ungrammatical, disconnected or incomplete - a condition attributed to dyslexia or malfunctioning of the brain.’
    • ‘By ‘abnormal’ I mean that there is nothing ungrammatical, but what has been said violates the rules governing communicative competence.’
    • ‘At least for me, the italicized sentence is somewhere between terminally awkward and out-and-out ungrammatical.’
    • ‘Choosing that one would yield a hopelessly ungrammatical result.’
    • ‘Many also believe that they can rely on their own introspection to provide samples of clearly grammatical and clearly ungrammatical sentences that would be adequate for compiling and testing the rules.’
    • ‘Those much-quoted subject-verb agreement errors certainly are remarkable failures of sentence planning; they're ungrammatical in every dialect.’
    • ‘The second problem with behavioral theory that Chomsky identified was that children are not reprimanded for uttering ungrammatical sentences.’
    • ‘The reliable finding is that participants give consistently higher liking ratings to novel grammatical strings than novel ungrammatical strings.’
    • ‘That has to be the most ungrammatical sentence I have ever constructed.’
    • ‘Can a sentence be ungrammatical in isolation, but grammatical in context?’
    • ‘If he is a grammarian whose opinion we are supposed to respect, why does he write such ungrammatical English?’