Definition of ungoverned in English:



  • Not brought under control.

    ‘the largely ungoverned western border provinces’
    ‘the fatal end of an ungoverned passion’
    • ‘Collectively, these cases and controversies suggest a news media world that is ungoverned, out of control.’
    • ‘It's the Wild West out there, huge and still largely ungoverned.’
    • ‘Was it not the fact that he was busy with estate business that left Eliza ungoverned in the first place.’
    • ‘The tribal regions are vast, they are rugged and they are often ungoverned.’
    • ‘Economics is part of the ungoverned structure of reality that even the smartest people cannot change.’
    • ‘In his novels, MacLeod never assumes that an armed and ungoverned citizenry will solve all problems.’
    • ‘Africa's coastal waters remain some of the most ungoverned - and ungovernable - spaces in the world.’
    • ‘Only the more remote and inaccessible regions have remained relatively ungoverned since the establishment of weak administration there in the 1960s.’
    • ‘By the end of John's reign his ungoverned lust has cost England a huge part of her empire.’
    • ‘A capitalist believes that, left ungoverned, the money will go around the right way.’
    • ‘Unrepentant for past crimes and ungoverned by reason or morality, he relentlessly seeks tools to commit infinitely worse offenses against humanity.’
    • ‘There is always the doubt of whether what is being portrayed is the truth or if you are being lead on by the ungoverned unfaithfulness of the narrator.’
    unrestrained, uncontrolled, lacking self-restraint, unbridled, unchecked, uncurbed, unsuppressed, unfettered, untrammelled
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