Definition of unglued in English:



  • Not or no longer stuck.

    ‘grease particles come unglued from the plate’
    • ‘The copy I reviewed was soft cover, which hopefully will withstand the test of time and use, and pages will not become unglued and fall out.’
    • ‘She slid two fingers underneath the unglued flap, popped it open and slid out the note paper with an overwhelming sense of dread.’
    • ‘It took us quite a while to get them unglued, but we managed to do that this morning.’
    • ‘When he felt his eyes were sufficiently unglued, he wandered over to lift the scroll and read its contents.’
    • ‘On this unglued section, a tag board cover is glued.’
    • ‘If you flex these two 'books', the one with unglued pages will fold easily because the pages will slide on each other.’
    • ‘My copy's spine was unglued when I cracked the can, so I had to have it replaced.’
    • ‘Some of the crew are holding me and others are trying to get me unglued.’
    • ‘‘I've had this button pop out on me, fall out of its socket, and sometimes it's not even there or it's loose and unglued,’ says Lortie.’
    • ‘The only views into the empty interior are from cracks in the sides where the paper is unglued.’
    • ‘The glue will dry almost immediately and you can never get it unglued.’


  • come unglued

    • 1informal (of plans or an enterprise) end in failure.

      ‘it was only a matter of time before the whole operation came unglued’
      • ‘They had fallback plans and people to blame if anything came unglued.’
      • ‘Then, things came unglued as they got away from the game plan and began to make errors.’
      • ‘We can't will the meal or the occasion to turn out well and often the best-designed plans wind up coming unglued through some miscue or disagreement.’
    • 2informal (of a person) become confused or upset.

      ‘‘What was it about him that made her come unglued with just a single look?’’
      • ‘It is a fantastic spectacle, but everyone comes a bit unglued at that time of year, taxi fares quadruple, accommodation rates triple, and masses of visitors descend on the area to get drunk, high and exchange exotic diseases.’
      • ‘After much discussion, and me on the verge of coming unglued, the original route was agreed upon.’
      • ‘And in the final chapter, when Lil comes unglued during the reading of Mrs. Gramby's will, Meatus slaps her and tells her to shut up.’
      • ‘Humiliated, Pantani comes unglued and withdraws a few days later, and Armstrong pedals imperiously to his second Tour win.’
      • ‘He is coming unglued as his team falls further below 500.’
      • ‘When the Q&A session finally got under way, Rourke's responses suggested a man coming completely unglued.’
      • ‘With detectives hot on his trail and his daughter coming unglued, he tries to stay calm.’
      • ‘Some come absolutely unglued, and feel compelled to humiliate the poor souls, when they should be offering encouragement and praise.’
      • ‘I like to see them come unglued, and I like to see how the characters in the novels cope with this problem.’
      • ‘Blair cried, and when Alberto wouldn't answer he came slightly unglued.’