Definition of ungentle in English:



  • Not gentle.

    ‘an ungentle grip’
    • ‘She worried that she saw it merely as a game, and not the kind of skill one needed to survive in this ungentle world.’
    • ‘And without Darrow's guidance, we knew not what danger the girl did or did not present to us, so we were watchful of her, and admittedly ungentle when she was given to undue noise or movement.’
    • ‘‘Let's cut that,’ she tells him, looking at an image on the monitor showing a little boy, obviously ungentle, brandishing a toy machete.’
    • ‘In terms rather more ungentle than mine, he says, among other things, that I should have written him privately about his public and loud positions on these matters.’
    • ‘Throughout, there is an austere, economical yet not ungentle intelligence.’
    • ‘But upon withdrawing our hand, we found none other than yourself, and shame, clutched in our ungentle grasp.’
    • ‘I concentrated on sliding into his life, his history, his sacred imperial flesh, flesh that a person could be killed on the spot for touching with their eyes, let alone his dirty ungentle hands.’
    • ‘The last thing I saw was Eddie's pained face and then I was pulled from the car by uncaring, ungentle hands.’
    • ‘Its corners were ragged from the hands of many ungentle postmen, and the seal was second class.’
    • ‘He had been hard and ungentle with her, true; but there was another kind of strength in him, another kind of understanding, and underneath it all, another kind of gentleness and kindliness.’
    • ‘By that I don't mean that they wrote ungentle articles about their professors.’