Definition of ungenerous in English:



  • Not generous; mean.

    ‘he was not an ungenerous man’
    • ‘‘I am amazed and deeply disappointed that the Barbican can be so ungenerous,’ Hall says.’
    • ‘History's verdict is not clearcut but it has not been ungenerous.’
    • ‘Rather ungenerous of him considering it's made him a wealthy man.’
    • ‘The check-out time of 11 am is a little ungenerous.’
    • ‘But Duffin strongly disputes this, saying that just because Scottish Life is for tax reasons barred from handing out large windfalls, it doesn't mean it is being ungenerous.’
    • ‘The authoritarians wanted harsh penalties and as ungenerous a benefit system as possible.’
    • ‘One first year called the system ‘cheeky’ as nobody would want to openly declare themselves as ungenerous.’
    • ‘It would be ungenerous to suggest the 42-year-old needed a hit film to restart a flagging career, but Carlyle has spent the past couple of years pursuing projects outside mainstream cinema.’
    • ‘They do not qualify for loans, but are paid a regular bursary that Mairi says is not ungenerous and has become even more valuable since she left college.’
    • ‘He is unstinting but never ungenerous in his depiction of an Italy materially and emotionally ravaged by the second world war.’
    • ‘And at 200 pages, this selection is a little on the ungenerous side.’
    • ‘The dominant UK political discourse is both xenophobic and ungenerous.’
    • ‘The reasons for the government's ungenerous efforts are different.’
    • ‘I feel I've been a little ungenerous to Johnson who bowled 20 overs for 55 and suffered badly from some over-imaginative field placings for which of course he himself may have asked.’
    • ‘But both of us know that he's just said something spectacularly ungenerous about the victims' families.’
    • ‘He is stiff, self-conscious, grudging, coy and ungenerous.’
    • ‘An ungenerous thought about Mr Shapiro's siblings occurs to me.’
    • ‘It isn't that the US is ungenerous; it's just that it isn't sharing the insight other countries have, and it's very important that we try to get them there.’
    • ‘The city is Dundee, called at one point ‘the armpit of northern Britain’, which anyone who knows Dundee will agree is a not ungenerous description.’
    • ‘Perhaps most important, the new carriers were not burdened with staffing levels that make those that existed in some of Britain's nationalised industries seem ungenerous.’
    uncharitable, unpleasant, disagreeable, nasty, mean, mean-spirited, cruel, vicious, spiteful, malicious, malevolent, harsh, callous, pitiless, ruthless, unsympathetic, unfeeling, compassionless, uncaring, snide, shabby, hurtful, wounding, upsetting, ill-natured, hard-hearted, heartless, cold-hearted, merciless, brutal, savage, inhuman
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