Definition of unfortunately in English:



  • [sentence adverb] It is unfortunate that.

    ‘unfortunately, we do not have the time to interview every applicant’
    • ‘Well unfortunately this is a fact of life both in business and politics.’
    • ‘Rather unfortunately, she'd come in a pair with the older sis, so it was inevitable.’
    • ‘I suspect there is cheese in it, but unfortunately the chef did not reveal his secrets to me.’
    • ‘As much as you want to help her, unfortunately, your friend has to want to receive your help.’
    • ‘Yes they did get us to Dublin later, but unfortunately too late for my connections.’
    • ‘Leeches were seen as the best option for saving it but unfortunately none were available.’
    • ‘The decision that they come to is a hard one and unfortunately it is one of those things that a person never truly recovers from.’
    • ‘The director unfortunately was not so amused and tension was in the air.’
    • ‘The team gave a powerful performance but were unfortunately beaten in the end by Galway.’
    • ‘Money is, unfortunately, rather tight, and at least staying in doesn't cost anything.’
    • ‘If four of the above signs sounded familiar, unfortunately you may have a problem.’
    • ‘She said she would keep an eye on him, but unfortunately it didn't stop him from doing it again.’
    • ‘She is eager for us to come to a choral performance this afternoon but unfortunately we must be on our way.’
    • ‘But unfortunately she and her husband did not think it possible, so they decided to leave.’
    • ‘I guess it's just the hand we've been dealt and unfortunately we just have to play it out.’
    • ‘All rested then in the hands of the judges who, unfortunately did not judge to our advantage.’
    • ‘Most of them appreciate it but unfortunately a small minority seem determined to spoil things for the rest.’
    • ‘Very unfortunately, there was but one two seater table at the side of this lady.’
    • ‘The most negative aspect of the city was, unfortunately, the venue we performed in.’
    • ‘He threw up his shot, it hit the rim but unfortunately trickled off to the side.’
    unluckily, sadly, regrettably, unhappily, woefully, lamentably, alas, sad to say, sad to relate
    worse luck
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