Definition of unfordable in English:



  • (of a watercourse) not able to be forded.

    • ‘It was a jagged wasteland of ovenlike heat, frantic mosquitoes, and unfordable, unsanitary rivers, with a local population that had a history of wiping out exploration parties.’
    • ‘In springs of average to high runoff, a few drainages may prove unfordable, requiring a detour.’
    • ‘The two camps were separated by a swift and unfordable glacier stream known as Johnson Creek.’
    • ‘Cut by impassable canyons and unfordable rivers, gulches, and gullies, Brown's Park not only offered an ideal hideout to fugitives but also provided excellent winter and summer range for stolen stock.’
    • ‘Snow and rain have raised the normally placid Jordan River to unfordable levels.’
    • ‘Deserts, impassable mountains, unfordable rivers, wild beasts, and unfriendly Indians were part of the commonly held picture.’
    • ‘There were several narrow defiles and one unfordable mountain stream along the road.’
    • ‘It should be noted that the term ‘lane’ in the Galloway Hills means a large and often unfordable stream, rather than an easy means of passage.’
    • ‘I came across an almost impossible situation: I met an unfordable stream when backtracking would have meant at least a two hour detour.’
    • ‘Knowing the river below as unfordable, the 22 Scouts rushed the bridge and put out the flames, despite an enfilading fire from some 600 Insurgents.’
    • ‘Between Sochocin and Kolozab (about 4-5 kilometers downstream) the river is also unfordable.’
    • ‘In order to get somewhere, we have to hack through thick brush without a machete, ford unfordable rivers, contend with bears and other wild creatures including the ever present, ever vicious mosquitoes.’
    • ‘With several major bridges across unfordable streams now gone in the Glacier Peak region of the trail, hikers taking that route will need to make lengthy detours.’