Definition of unforced in English:



  • 1Not produced by effort; natural.

    ‘an unforced cheerfulness’
    • ‘The dialogue was mostly improvised yet feels natural and unforced.’
    • ‘And you thought it was all totally natural and unforced, didn't you?’
    • ‘Every song feels natural and unforced, every song remains structurally unpredictable.’
    • ‘The choir sing both of these in a natural and unforced manner.’
    • ‘We were unforced and natural and, crucially, we were also similar.’
    • ‘It is directed and acted with aplomb, and funny when it needs to be in an unforced, natural way.’
    • ‘Naturalistic and unforced, each character is played with sufficient poise, often understated and enigmatic by nature.’
    • ‘In this case, Collins has a gentle, easygoing manner that makes Murrell's revelations and philosophical musings seem natural and unforced.’
    • ‘Every scene in the school seems natural and unforced.’
    • ‘The music is alternately spacious and intricate, lyrical and fiery, but always as natural and unforced as breathing.’
    • ‘Although none of the other cast members quite match Suchet's unforced, natural quality, there are other capable performances.’
    • ‘Burns' dialogue has a natural, unforced rhythm that contains a fair number of wry one-liners that compensate for occasional bouts of triteness and pretentiousness.’
    • ‘All of it produces a density of comedic effect that manages to come off as natural, unforced.’
    • ‘She has a natural ability and an unforced charm (not to mention the requisite athleticism) that make it easy to accept Sara as much more than a writer's construct.’
    • ‘But the links between Portuguese and Brazilian music are so strong that the fusion is entirely unforced and natural.’
    • ‘Brauer's interest in people was natural and unforced, and he treated students and colleagues alike with the same warm friendliness.’
    • ‘The voice is still natural and mostly unforced, and I hope very much that her lucky teacher will nurture it with care and wisdom, avoiding the temptation to force it into unsuitable stylistic repertoire as sometimes happens.’
    • ‘There was a natural, totally unforced quality to the performance that is all too rare in contemporary music making.’
    • ‘The nice thing about Lane's performance is that there's a natural, unforced quality to it.’
    • ‘All three have a natural, unforced chemistry on screen that never needs stirring romantic music to make the point.’
    natural, unlaboured, easy, unaffected, uncontrived, unmannered, unstilted, unpretentious, without airs, artless, guileless, informal, casual, nonchalant, spontaneous, impromptu, ad lib
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    1. 1.1 Not compelled or constrained.
      ‘his retirement was an unforced departure’
      • ‘Charity - the Koranic precept of almsgiving - was unforced and natural.’
      • ‘What is interesting though is unforced population movement since then.’
      voluntary, unconstrained, unprompted, unbidden, unsolicited, unplanned, unpremeditated, unrehearsed, impulsive, impetuous, unstudied, impromptu, spur-of-the-moment, extempore, extemporaneous
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