Definition of unfocus in English:


verbunfocussing, unfocused, unfocussed, unfocusses, unfocusing, unfocuses

  • 1Make or become blurred or unable to see clearly.

    with object ‘I found it helpful to slightly unfocus my eyes’
    no object ‘my vision unfocused and I held on to the table for fear of falling off my chair’
    • ‘His eyes unfocus for a moment.’
    • ‘Even now, I need only unfocus slightly to visualize the flowers and makeshift altars on the steps.’
    • ‘Lauren frowns slightly, gaze unfocusing a little, apparently in thought.’
    • ‘Evander unfocused his eyes from the street below and after a few blurry seconds, refocused them to catch his own reflection in the window pane.’
    • ‘I can read the process in his eyes, which focus and unfocus repeatedly.’
    • ‘Her eyes had a tendency to unfocus.’
    • ‘She shook me hard enough to make my eyes unfocus.’
    • ‘His eyes seemed to unfocus for a moment, then he blinked and looked up at them.’
    • ‘Of course they can always deliberately unfocus their eyes, but that's something they have to work at.’
    • ‘He used hazy gray tones and smudged his images somewhat, as if to unfocus a photograph.’
    • ‘I stared at the album until my eyes unfocused the way Coltrane's saxophone does on the cover.’
    • ‘You should not focus your eye on the reflection of the light on the cab, let your eye unfocus and wander to see imperfections.’
    make indistinct, make vague, soften
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  • 2with object Cause to lose concentration or attention.

    ‘it might unfocus the jury and distract it’
    • ‘If he could unfocus, even by a small degree, their assessment of his potential, one day it might serve him.’
    • ‘I wondered if the whole tale was a Cambridge lie, designed to unsettle and unfocus us.’
    • ‘Multiplicity of input can have the effect of unfocusing the project or directing it along an undesirable tangent.’
    • ‘I've focused my will on something, now I'm supposed to unfocus it and forget that I ever wanted it.’
    • ‘In order not to unfocus the argument I will bypass many of these and return to those which directly follow my first question.’