Definition of unfired in English:



  • 1(of clay or pottery) not fired.

    ‘homemade bowls of unfired clay’
    • ‘Occasionally the books were illustrated with engravings, but none could match the authenticity of the sixty-three unfired clay figures in Royer's collection.’
    • ‘These thick metal door frames were situated in the middle of a concrete walkway, which the artist covered with a ‘clay carpet’ made from slabs of dried, but unfired, local clay.’
    • ‘Everything is colored a dull, even gray, like unfired clay.’
    • ‘What makes this process different is that the decoration is applied with a brush to the unfired, dry, glazed surface.’
    • ‘Again, the installation was far from a simple homage, a fact that became clear when the unfired sculptures began to disintegrate in the course of the exhibition.’
    • ‘The authentic approach would be to add talc to slip, and then paint that onto the unfired terra-cotta.’
    • ‘Equally evocative was a work consisting of three white-enamel bathtubs absurdly linked with the same unfired clay to plumbing pipes passing (ordinarily unnoticed) through the gallery space.’
    • ‘Noelle, on the other hand, works with unfired clay, which is not a traditional Maori artform.’
    • ‘Jetlag is hitting and the ‘shanti welcome’ chai that you have been given in an unfired terracotta cup tastes as though it might have been strained through the undies of the old fella who helped carry in your bags.’
    • ‘Discernibly, whilst palaces were constructed of mud or unfired brick, temples were built of stones and fired brick; this in part could account for their preservation.’
    • ‘A group of unfired smashed pots was then stacked up against the inside of the house wall and subsequently the entire house was moved one metre east and rebuilt.’
    • ‘However, it was quickly rebuilt, this time in stone and unfired brick, and it continued to flourish right down to its destruction following the Roman conquest of the region.’
    • ‘When dismantled it provided some surprises in the form of unfired paint and etched plates around the wings of the angel.’
    • ‘Then students are free to add clay to make their whistle into a figure, bird, airplane and so on, first testing the unfired whistles to see if they are pleasant-sounding.’
    • ‘The decoration is applied to the unfired or raw glaze.’
    • ‘For example, constructing houses in a village with unfired mud blocks instead of bricks can save several hectares of forests that would otherwise be used as fuel.’
  • 2(of a gun) not discharged.

    • ‘This old gun was unfired, but carrying a relatively low price tag, since the gold plating was actually gold paint.’
    • ‘This beautiful old sixgun has originally been shipped to Japan and had somehow remained in unfired condition for over 100 years.’
    • ‘The gun is still loaded, lying around unfired when the poem ends.’
    • ‘He looks down at his pistol, still unfired.’
    • ‘Because I've got a feeling that sometime soon there are going to be a whole lot of unfired and rarely dropped rifles available for purchase in the arms bazaars of the Sunni Triangle.’
    • ‘The purist collector will keep it unfired and in the lovely oak case with the Performance Center seal on the top.’
    • ‘As it happened, the rifle remained unfired until this test.’
    • ‘This prepares an unfired weapon for the sudden stress of a firing charge, which will in turn reduce the number of seal and cylinder failures.’
    • ‘From one of the ‘Greatest Generation,’ this pistol is unfired in the original box.’
    • ‘Angel noticed that he had an unfired taser in his hand.’
    • ‘Now at the Morris Watch Shop I found examples of the same sixguns, unfired, in the presentation cases for five dollars less than those I had seen 10 years earlier.’