Definition of unfiltered in English:



  • 1Not filtered.

    ‘unfiltered tap water’
    • ‘You've probably ingested large quantities of it yourself, if you've ever eaten vegetables straight out of a garden without washing them thoroughly, or if you've ever eaten unfiltered honey.’
    • ‘And it's rare to hear Democrats give speeches unfiltered by the yammering of pundits and stooges who tell you what you are supposed to think about it before it's even delivered.’
    • ‘On top of the 500 reporters traveling with the military and the three cable-TV news channels beaming 24-hour coverage there's a new element in this war: unfiltered eyewitness accounts online.’
    • ‘But it was the personal internet - uniquely interactive, unfiltered and unmediated by news professionals, governments, or big business - which revealed the online community at its best.’
    • ‘Furthermore, while it is true, as pointed out by Rice, that campaign blogs create an interactive and, often-times, unfiltered forum, this is not necessarily a good thing.’
    • ‘Everybody can recognize an unfiltered sample of a jazz-record in a hip-hop track, although the sample can't reproduce the improvisations of the musician.’
    • ‘Outside of a few mainstream media dinosaurs it should surprise no one that intentionally or incidentally, unfiltered coverage of the war in Iraq is becoming readily available ‘back home’ in near real time.’
    • ‘The unfiltered self-indulgence of a diary gives way to the more considered, craftlike blog.’
    • ‘The production is coloured by the electro revival of recent years, but also has more dominant dub content, always underlaid with Smith's trademark large, unfiltered bass.’
    • ‘Captured before they've learned to hide much of themselves from the rest of the world, they appear unguarded, often hilarious and vulnerable - in other words, as pure, unfiltered human beings.’
    • ‘It's a place where we can talk directly to people unfiltered.’
    • ‘More pressing than these aesthetic changes, given that much of London took its water supplies unfiltered from the Thames, was the advent from abroad of cholera.’
    • ‘Not only does this make the book marketable and useful to a non-German-reading public, but it ensures that the author's or interviewee's original words come through unfiltered.’
    • ‘For those wanting news unfiltered by that sort of cloudy lens, I highly recommend the various Iraqi bloggers listed here, along with the many other blogs reporting from inside Iraq you'll find on their blogrolls.’
    • ‘‘I love, love, love the talk show format because I can talk to people unfiltered and unedited,’ Rocco told the New York Post.’
    • ‘But the fact that a relative handful of news junkies who inhabit the blogosphere are able to get unfiltered information doesn't begin to make up for the complete failure of major media to cover good news in Iraq.’
    • ‘If it goes ahead it will be Brisbane's first step down Sydney's path of mega-expensive, traffic-multiplying road tunnels, complete with an unfiltered smogstack at each end.’
    • ‘Do you really think the people of Indonesia, Nigeria and Pakistan are getting unadulterated, uncensored, whole truth news, unfiltered with lies and propaganda?’
    • ‘If I am communicating to my readers exactly what the White House believes on any certain issue, that's reporting to them an unvarnished, unfiltered version of what they believe.’
    • ‘The vitamin B8 from the yeast in unfiltered beer makes the skin smooth and removes pimples.’
  • 2(of a cigarette) not provided with a filter.

    • ‘The worst thing that can probably happen is that most spliffs are unfiltered so excess using will result in respiratory diseases.’
    • ‘He uses this strictly for two reasons - to supply cold blood to his cerebral disdain for all things corporeal and to feed his rattling lungs with the smoke from full-strength unfiltered cigarettes.’
    • ‘I looked to the front seat of the van and noticed Mrs. Brody lighting a unfiltered cigarette.’
    • ‘She lit a cigarette, her fingers brown from nicotine, and wheezed as she drew on the unfiltered smoke.’
    • ‘The Dynamo was accustomed to puffing his way through 40 unfiltered cigarettes a day, mainly in his office or his car, both now out of bounds.’
    • ‘They sounded out of breath, like beautiful hungover waify fashion models propped up in front of a microphone after a night of dancing and smoking unfiltered cigarettes.’
    • ‘He took a sip from a stained coffee mug and a long drag on an unfiltered cigarette.’
    • ‘As a non-smoker who enjoys the occasional foray into tobacco, I remember with fondness my sampling of those great French unfiltered cigarettes, the Galois.’
    • ‘Frankie responded, an off-handed tone to his voice as he took another drag of his homemade, unfiltered cigarette.’
    • ‘He took out what looked like a perfectly ordinary, unfiltered cigarette.’
    • ‘It was smoking unfiltered cigarettes, drinking your coffee black, and thinking how bored you were.’
    • ‘It's not being filtered as it enters your lungs, as the smoke is directly from the unfiltered end of the cigarette.’
    • ‘The two were skinny and frail looking, both smoking unfiltered cigarettes.’
    • ‘In the first few interviews he is the archetypical Continental, smoking unfiltered cigarettes, wearing a monocle.’
    • ‘Cigarettes make up just 20% of tobacco consumed, with most tobacco smoked through the traditional, leaf wrapped, unfiltered cigarettes (called bidis).’
    • ‘One day I was smoking some three packs a day of unfiltered, king-sized cigarettes, and the next day, none.’
    • ‘A glass of water had the same effect on plasma noradrenaline concentration as two unfiltered cigarettes or 250 mg of caffeine.’
    • ‘She lit one of my cigarettes and coughed as the unfiltered smoke hit her lungs.’
    • ‘Carolina smoked unfiltered cigarettes, was too thin, was possessed of a large, severe nose and a cruel laugh.’
    • ‘Top of the list was a positive mental attitude including the occasional indulgence in her favourite gin and tonic and unfiltered cigarette.’