Definition of unfenced in English:



  • Not provided with fences.

    • ‘Since 1980, I have enjoyed access from the bottom of my garden across an unfenced area of privately owned woodland (via a well-trodden path) to a golf course where I am a member.’
    • ‘The border is relatively undefended and unfenced, and in the past people could cross, but they took risks in doing so.’
    • ‘Peterson showed that fences in sand flats have little effect on rates of survivorship, missing clams, and predation on the clam when compared to unfenced open controls.’
    • ‘What jungle land remains unfenced is under severe pressure.’
    • ‘The property was next to an unfenced lake and there was no food except for a tin of pasta that was out of date.’
    • ‘Thousands of sheep are grazing yards from unfenced reservoirs supplying half a million Scots with drinking water.’
    • ‘She said the pond should be fenced in immediately, that warning signs should be erected, and that children's playground equipment should not be placed near unfenced water catchments.’
    • ‘It is this habit that has made flocks manageable on large unfenced commons and has helped keep sheep evenly distributed across the land, preventing localised overgrazing.’
    • ‘Campsites are merely unfenced clearings across which animals wander freely; for dedicated adventurers this is a ‘true’ safari.’
    • ‘None of the residents exhibited any hostility towards Duvenage, who continues to farm unfenced land running up to their settlement boundary.’
    • ‘Mass media is a grazeable prairie of deceptively unfenced pastures.’
    • ‘Most of these related to either the absence of a safety statement, a legal requirement on all farms, or to unfenced or inadequately fenced slurry pits.’
    • ‘The wide streets and strips of unfenced lawn between footpaths and houses are well manicured.’
    • ‘But the lawn, in keeping with American custom, is unfenced.’
    • ‘Fabrication shows that Tasmanian pastoral lands at the time were unfenced and that, as the Aboriginal population declined from disease in the 1820s, the quantity of native game rapidly increased.’
    • ‘As such, I believe the loss of this open, unfenced common land a great shame.’
    • ‘Plans were also announced yesterday to place disinfectant mats on strategic routes across North Yorkshire, including unfenced moorland roads in areas where sheep are free to graze.’
    • ‘After the zoo started keeping the cranes outdoors in an unfenced area with rockery and a lake, not only did the zoo's cranes become healthier, but many wild birds flew to the zoo.’
    • ‘She looked across the unfenced portion of the valley.’
    • ‘The unfenced roads through the Westwood and the close proximity between cattle and cars would have meant an unacceptable risk of the infection spreading, and we had no choice.’
    unenclosed, rolling, sweeping, extensive, wide, wide open, broad, exposed, unsheltered
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