Definition of unfathomed in English:



  • 1Not fully explored or understood.

    ‘throughout the book her emotions remain relatively opaque and unfathomed’
    • ‘It was the summer before her 9th grade year, months that dwelled in limbo between gradually evaporating innocence and a monsoon of unfathomed tears.’
    • ‘The arrangement, perhaps tongue in cheek, offers an opportunity for him to reach an unfathomed note seemingly below the normal range of his trombone.’
    • ‘Under his leadership, the Tory Party sank to unfathomed levels of unpopularity and contempt.’
    • ‘Is the deliberate manipulation of a culture a threat to the very essence of man or, at the other extreme, an unfathomed source of strength for the culture which encourages it?’
    bottomless, unfathomable, unsounded, immeasurable, endless, infinite, measureless
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  • 2(of water) of unascertained depth.

    ‘the car was drawn down into the unfathomed waters’
    figurative ‘the unfathomed well of inspiration’
    • ‘To those at the dedication service in 1915, it must have perfectly captured the image of the dark, unfathomed sea closing over their loved ones.’
    • ‘The issue of motorists being impounded by road traffic officers over trivial charges has left pain in lots of people, deep as the unfathomed sea.’
    • ‘Paul's wonderfully bleak voice hinted at the band's as yet unfathomed depths and danger just beneath the surface.’