Definition of unfathomable in English:



  • 1Incapable of being fully explored or understood.

    ‘her grey eyes were dark with some unfathomable emotion’
    • ‘Christopher is mathematically gifted, but socially incapable, finding the simplest emotional empathy unfathomable.’
    • ‘Now an obscure Texan company has launched an equally unfathomable claim to royalties on the transmission of compressed digital images.’
    • ‘And we all know that, for some unfathomable reason that is not unconnected with human nature.’
    • ‘The consequences of human cloning remain unfathomable.’
    • ‘In the troubled debate about the nature of evil, few crimes raise more difficult or unfathomable questions than those of child killers.’
    • ‘Now, murder is almost unfathomable in its awfulness, and the effect that it has on anybody close to either the murderer or the victim is extremely complex and horrifying.’
    • ‘If we make our world in such an image then we must understand and not be surprised when our morality plummets to unfathomable levels.’
    • ‘The human toll in the devastating Iranian earthquake seems almost unfathomable.’
    • ‘This, he says, is one of my most unfathomable displays of emotion to date.’
    • ‘It is unfathomable for the human mind to perceive a total void, bleak and empty to all meaning and organization.’
    • ‘Compared to his other books, it doesn't do justice to his phenomenal writing skill and is almost completely unfathomable to those who have never read any of his work.’
    • ‘They do not have the same intricate inner workings of women and they are not unfathomable pools of emotions swirling effervescently in a bubbling turmoil of feelings and needs.’
    • ‘Those in the back seat explored levels of cramp unfathomable before this trip.’
    • ‘It is unfathomable to these people that the human race could evolve.’
    • ‘It is frenetic, expensive, sleazy, unfathomable.’
    • ‘That's something I've always found unfathomable.’
    • ‘His comments tended to be unfathomable at the best of times, but it may be for the best that his thoughts on this scrap between two of the Scotland's top four clubs are left unspoken.’
    • ‘Fatty stares at me, eyes an unfathomable sea of emotion.’
    • ‘He had been so simple to understand, and her parents were unfathomable.’
    inscrutable, incomprehensible, enigmatic, incalculable, indecipherable, obscure, esoteric, abstruse, puzzling, cryptic, mysterious, mystifying, baffling, deep, profound, secretive
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  • 2(of water or a natural feature) impossible to measure the extent of.

    ‘mountains of unfathomable scale’
    • ‘Chewing my lips, I looked over the pool edge again; the deep unfathomable blue sped up my pulse rate and made my head spin.’
    • ‘But the profound meaning it implies is as deep as the depth of the unfathomable ocean.’
    • ‘Some were merely deep enough to trip over; others plunged to unfathomable depths.’
    deep, immeasurable, fathomless, unfathomed, unplumbed, unplumbable, bottomless, unsounded, profound
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