Definition of unfashioned in English:



  • Not made into a specific shape; formless.

    ‘our unfashioned spirits’
    ‘a cloudy confluence of unfashioned light’
    • ‘Chimpanzee males are much more likely to throw such unfashioned missiles than are chimpanzee females, though with limited accuracy.’
    • ‘A passing picture, a stray word, a fugitive thought caught up by them sets in motion a long train of dreamy, unfashioned, unfinished thoughts.’
    • ‘Also, much of this country is beautiful in a completely unfashioned way, the way a racehorse is, or a huge cat.’
    • ‘Another unique characteristic is that pearls are the only gem commonly worn unfashioned (not cut or polished).’
    • ‘The subject firmly grips a ransacked, unfashioned garment secured by a simple-knotted line of inter-woven string.’