Definition of unfarmed in English:



  • (of land) not used for growing crops; uncultivated.

    ‘there are more unfarmed acres now than 100 years ago’
    • ‘Fifty percent of its arable fields are going unfarmed.’
    • ‘One of the most rare things in this beautiful country of ours is open unfenced and unfarmed land.’
    • ‘The public would not like to see an unfarmed rural Britain.’
    • ‘In the afternoon they came to a wide, unfarmed meadow with a hill gently rising off to their left as they rode southwards.’
    • ‘Were you shocked to see farms that were going unfarmed, new farmers who were basically unable to use the land they've been given?’
    • ‘That country's government recently started leasing vast swaths of unfarmed land to foreigners for as little as 50 cents an acre.’
    • ‘The epidemic has left millions of agricultural workers dead, land unfarmed, and families with no money to buy food.’
    • ‘My own mountainside land, being on one of the ridges and therefore unfarmed during those same millennia, sets me back about three or four thousand years in terms of soil preparation.’
    • ‘This is what the unfarmed parts of the farm look like.’
    • ‘Just as people don't want to see brown field sites in urban areas, the same applies to an unfarmed landscape.’