Definition of unfair in English:



  • 1Not based on or behaving according to the principles of equality and justice.

    ‘at times like these the legal system appears inhuman and unfair’
    ‘it would be unfair to blame her for the situation’
    • ‘If they personally feel that a decision is unjust and unfair, they must stand up for themselves.’
    • ‘We might agree that, if we could distribute talents, it would be unjust or unfair to distribute them unequally.’
    • ‘Opposition politicians said it would involve deeply unfair rationing according to lifestyle.’
    • ‘Thus the comparison was unfair - not in accordance with honest trade practices.’
    • ‘It has opaque adoption procedures and risks unfair and unequal enforcement.’
    • ‘My dismissal was completely unfair and unjustifiable and it has had an adverse impact not just on myself but on my whole family.’
    • ‘They are there to protect those accused from receiving an unfair trial because of prejudicial press reports.’
    • ‘It's going to seem a bit unfair banning Americans for behaving like Americans if everyone else is doing so.’
    • ‘In pieces of this nature, people constantly use biased, unfair information about Keane that is half true to have a go at him.’
    • ‘Health inequities, formally defined, are avoidable inequalities that are unfair and unjust.’
    • ‘The world in general, and the book trade in particular, is unfair, unjust, and patently absurd in its workings.’
    • ‘These distance criteria are the toughest in Australia and this inequity is simply unfair.’
    • ‘The judge added it was premature and unfair to reach conclusions based on the State's summary of its case.’
    • ‘You know what makes it all desperately unfair, so unjust, is that these people aren't even getting value for money.’
    • ‘Even where there is no direct prejudice, there may be unfair preferences which should not count.’
    • ‘An unequal society is an unfair society, regardless of what factors have led to the inequalities.’
    • ‘They would not agree to an unfair or unbalanced deal any more than we would.’
    • ‘The capitalist system may be blamed for the unfair distribution of national and social welfare.’
    • ‘In my opinion what Mr Hughes got convicted for was totally unfair and justice was not served on him properly.’
    • ‘As a matter of personal philosophy, he thinks that judging a site based on links is unfair.’
    unjust, inequitable, prejudiced, biased, discriminatory
    undeserved, unmerited, uncalled for, unreasonable, unjustified, unjustifiable, unwarrantable, out of proportion, disproportionate, excessive, extreme, immoderate
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    1. 1.1 Not following the rules of a game or sport.
      ‘he was sent off for unfair play’
      • ‘They began to shout of the rules and of unfair play, and Abigail sighed with relief.’
      • ‘The axiom is that golf was never meant to be a fair game, so then the natural response is when does it become an unfair game?’
      • ‘Thus the chances of his winning the game is sabotaged by unfair meddling.’
      unsporting, foul, unsportsmanlike, dirty, below the belt, illegal, illegitimate, illicit, underhand, unscrupulous, dishonourable
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Old English unfæger ‘not beautiful’ (see un-, fair).