Definition of unfailing in English:



  • 1Without error or fault.

    ‘his unfailing memory for names’
    • ‘She is/was a brilliant sub-editor and had an unfailing eye for errors of fact or style.’
    • ‘That satisfaction brings us everlasting happiness is an unfailing truth.’
    • ‘Reading was his passion and he had a keen mind and unfailing memory.’
    • ‘As it turns out, Norm's palate was unfailing, and he had accurately pinpointed the source of his starter.’
    • ‘One has an unfailing memory of what one hears or knows but once.’
    unlimited, limitless, illimitable, without limit, infinite, unbounded, boundless, endless, never-ending, unending, without end, everlasting, bottomless, measureless, immeasurable, incalculable, inestimable, untold
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    1. 1.1 Reliable or constant.
      ‘his mother had always been an unfailing source of reassurance’
      • ‘There is an unfailing meticulousness, consistency of approach, measured critique, and a no-nonsense tone to his prose.’
      • ‘Indeed, if we were to donate £1 billion per annum to our emigrants we still could not fully repay them for their unfailing generosity in difficult times.’
      • ‘I expect (as will the management) the people of York will flock in their usual thousands to book for their pantomime and their dame whose own unfailing loyalty and unique talent has given us all so much pleasure year after year.’
      • ‘It's an unfailing source of amusement when you talk to children about their views and knowledge of the serious business of sex.’
      • ‘With unfailing constancy tomorrow becomes yet another today, full and hectic with characteristically unforgiving demands which brazenly refuse to be postponed.’
      • ‘Thank you all for your unfailing professionalism and courtesy over the past six-and-a-half weeks.’
      • ‘Her unfailing sense of humour has helped her colleagues in discussions when agonising over sentencing,’ she said.’
      • ‘His friends, his family, and his students have been enriched beyond bound by his character, his wisdom, and his unfailing good cheer and continue to be enriched by his memory.’
      • ‘No matter how slick the home side looked they were continually undone, not by stern Hawick defence, but by their unfailing habit of letting the vital try-scoring pass go forward, be knocked on or intercepted.’
      • ‘Her books have been a source of unfailing pleasure for me since I was about fourteen.’
      • ‘We will remember too, the joy he gave us, his unfailing kindness, generosity, his ready smile and huge sense of fun as well as his zest for living.’
      • ‘In fact this gorgeous headquarters will remain a silent but a constant reminder of the unfailing service of those who made this dream come true.’
      • ‘Minister Joseph has once again proven his unfailing ability to put his foot in his mouth and swallow it whole.’
      • ‘My sister Ann and her family have also been an unfailing source of support in good as well as hard times.’
      • ‘Everyone on the team demonstrated an unfailing cheerfulness that served us well.’
      • ‘His gallery of portraits of poets, artists and authors for the literary magazine is a tribute to this unfailing ability to strike a chord with his subject.’
      • ‘We all owe police officers a debt of gratitude for their unfailing dedication and courage - ordinary men and women who perform an extraordinary job on all our behalf.’
      • ‘It is the unfailing or steadfast quality of God's love that explains his enduring commitment to his people in the Hebrew Bible.’
      • ‘Dave's active contribution to the running of the Club will be greatly missed as will his constant cheerfulness and unfailing sense of humour.’
      • ‘Hit-and-run cases and head-on collisions on the 62-km Ring Road around the city continue to hit the headlines with an unfailing regularity.’
      constant, reliable, dependable, steadfast, steady, sure
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